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How Well Do You Know: Halloween
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1. What town in Illinois does Halloween primarily take place in?
Smith's Grove
2. What slogan does it say on the side of the car that Michael steals?
Delivery in 30 Minutes or It's Free
E Pluribus Unum
For Official Use Only
To Protect and Serve
3. What drug does Dr. Loomis instruct the nurse to give Michael when he is taken in front of the judge?
Sodium Pentathol
4. What does Annie spill on her shirt, leading her to take it off and wash it?
5. Which of the following is not the name of a comic book that Tommy Doyle hides under the couch?
Laser Man
Neutron Man
Shark Man
Tarantula Man
6. What group performed the music in Halloween?
Bowling Green Philharmonic Orchestra
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Northwestern College Orchestra
University of Illinois Jazz Band
7. What is Michael's sister Judith doing when he kills her?
Brushing her teeth
Combing her hair
Lying in bed
Making out with her boyfriend
8. What is the name of the boy that Laurie has a crush on?
Ben Tramer
Mike Godfrey
Steve Todd
Tommy Doyle
9. What movie is shown on television on Halloween night?
The Invisible Man
The Mummy
The Thing
The Wolf Man
10. What very noticeable continuity error occurs when Laurie and Annie are driving to their babysitting gigs?
Boom mike is visible behind the car
Cigarette length keeps changing
Laurie's shirt changes between shots
Turns from light to pitch dark in one shot
11. What book does Laurie realize she forgot on her way home from school?
12. What is the name of the nightclub featured on the matchbook that the nurse uses to light her cigarette?
Double Visions
Lady Eve's
The Martini Club
The Rabbit in Red
13. What make of car does Dr. Loomis drive around in on Halloween?
14. Where does Laurie instruct Tommy and Lindsey to go to call the police?
The Carpenter's house
The McKenzie's house
The Mitchell's house
The school
15. The actor who plays the masked Michael Myers is credited as playing what?
The Boogeyman
The Face
The Mask
The Shape
16. What object gets poked in Michael's eye?
Knitting needle
Metal hanger
17. What is the name of the real estate company that Laurie's father works for?
Brackett & Sons
Haddonfield Homes
Strode Realty
18. In the extended television version, what happens after Michael kills his sister?
Dr. Loomis argues he should be in a maximum security facility
Michael escapes from the hospital
Michael kills his parents in front of the house
Nothing; this is a trick question
19. When does Laurie begin to feel that something is wrong?
When Buster the dog stops barking
When Linda doesn't answer the phone
When Lindsey starts crying
When she sees Michael carrying a body
20. How many people are known to die in the movie?

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