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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Brush With Greatness
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This week, Krusty the Klown is live from:
Mount Splashmore
Wave City
Everslides National Park
High-Aqua Falls
How many times do we hear Bart and Lisa say “Will you take us to Mount Splashmore?”?
Homer is stuck in the waterslide, and Krusty claims this was just an isolated incident. But that’s what he said just before the recall of:
contaminated Krusty brand pop tarts
inflammable Krusty brand children’s pyjamas
tainted Krusty brand mayonnaise
faulty Krusty brand throwing knives
Looking around the attic, Homer discovers that Marge once had a crush on:
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr
Homer’s announcement that he is going in a diet references:
Animal House
Mr Smith Goes to Washington
Gone With the Wind
What night did Homer start his diet on?
ham night
meatloaf night
pork chop night
fried chicken night
Instead of pork chops, Homer gets to eat:
poached chicken and blanched celery
coddled broccoli and bran sticks
steamed vegetables and rice cakes
brown rice and boiled spinach
Apu has just enrolled in a screenwriting course because he yearns to tell the story of an idealistic young Hindu, pushed too far by convenience store bandits. He calls it:
Hands Off My Jerky, Turkey
Convenience This!
Overworked, Overcharging and Over Here
Go Ahead, Make My Squishee
Marge enrolls in an art class. What is the teacher’s name?
Professor Denino
Professor Giordano
Professor Lombardo
Professor Malnati
Of the following, what is not one of the finalists in the Springfield Art Exhibition?
dogs playing table tennis
Bald Adonis
wolves baying at the moon
a unicorn looking at a nuclear power plant and asking “Why?”
Bad timing: Homer Simpson went on a diet, and the donut delivery guy just:
sent his daughter to college
bought a boat
signed the papers on a beach house
got a Corvette
Marge is commissioned to do a portrait of Mr Burns that captures his inner beauty. What newspaper comic does Smithers read Mr Burns to make him laugh?
Family Circus
Homer has successfully lost weight and is now using the original notches on his belt. How much does he weigh?
216 pounds
228 pounds
239 pounds
247 pounds
Ringo Starr replies to his fan letter from Marge. What useful information about British culture does he include?
In England, we call elevators “lifts”
In England, we call gasoline “petrol”
In England, we call French fries “chips”
In England, we call Americans “Yanks”
Marge’s portrait of Mr Burns is revealed to the public, and Mr Burns thanks Marge for:
being able to see his inner beauty
not painting him as being too skeletal
depicting him in a way that is attractive to the ladies
not making fun of his genitalia

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