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How Well Do You Know: Rocky III
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1. Now the heavyweight champion, Rocky embraces his role as pitchman. Which product is not one of his endorsements?
Crunch Punch candy bar
Budweiser beer
Gatorade sports drink
Alpo dog food
2. What is Paulie arrested for in the beginning of the film?
Running a chop shop
Hitting Adrian
Destroying a Rocky pinball machine
Running extortion for Gazzo
3. What car is Rocky driving these days?
A Maserati
A Ferrari
A Lamborghini
His first Pontiac Firebird
4. Which real life celebrity has a cameo in the movie during a charity bout?
Don King
Hulk Hogan
Kermit the Frog
Andre the Giant
5. What is the name of Hogan's character?
Mr. Dynamite
Blonde Adonis
By way of explanation.....
Thunderlips claims he's the "ultimate male" fighting the ultimate meatball.
6. Who wins the match between Rocky and Thunderlips?
Thunderlips, by pile driver
Rocky, by choke hold
It's called a draw
Thunderlips when Rocky forfeits
7. Where does Clubber Lang challenge Rocky in person to fight?
At the Thunderlips charity bout
At the Philadelphia Auto Show
In Rocky's gym during training
At the unveiling of the Rocky statue
8. According to Mickey, what's the worst thing that can happen to a fighter?
He gets civilized
He loses to a weaker opponent
He loses to his best friend
He gets famous
9. Rocky's loving the life a little too much. Which one of these is not a feature of Rocky's plush new training gym?
Women blowing bubbles
A live band
Pony rides for the kids
Balloons around the ring
10. In an interview leading up to his fight against Clubber, what does Rocky speculate he might to do after it's over?
Fight again
Join the circus
Go to Disneyland
Go home and kiss his kid
11. How many times has Rocky defended his title before fighting Clubber?
12. At what stage in Mr. T's acting career was Rocky III released?
This was his first acting credit
During the A-Team's first season
During the A-Team's last season
After the A-Team had gone off the air
By way of explanation.....
The A-Team premiered eight months after Rocky III.
13. In a shocking upset, Clubber Lang is declared the new heavyweight champion. How many rounds did it take?
By way of explanation.....
Let's blame this one on Paulie's cornerman advice.
14. Mickey's death is a tragic loss. His tombstone reveals his last name, which is:
15. In what year was Mickey born?
16. Rocky's previous training regimens included punching slabs of meat and chasing chickens. Which one of these does Apollo have him do?
Waxing cars
Swimming laps
By way of explanation.....
"Can he swim?" "With a name like Rock?"
17. Where does Apollo take Rocky to begin training for his rematch against Clubber?
New York
Los Angeles
By way of explanation.....
Los Angeles is where Apollo got his start.
18. Confronting Rocky about his flagging commitment to training, Adrian demands to know the truth. What's the truth?
He can't see out of his right eye
He doesn't love boxing anymore
He's afraid of letting everyone down
He failed on his promise to Mickey
19. Where is the rematch with Clubber Lang held?
The Superdome
Philadelphia's Spectrum Arena
Las Vegas MGM Grand
Madison Square Garden
20. What is Clubber Lang's prediction for the rematch fight?
Rocky's going down in the first round
Rocky's going to die
He won't let Rocky go down until the last round
21. What gift does Apollo present to Rocky before the rematch?
His Golden gloves
His white robe
His American flag trunks
His red shoes
22. This is Rocky's mouthiest fight yet. Which taunt is not one of the ones he uses in the ring?
"You're getting uglier by the minute."
"You aint so bad."
"Come on, knock me out."
"My mother hits harder than that."
23. What's the favor that Apollo's been expecting ever since he agreed to train Rocky?
He wants Rocky as a business partner
He wants to keep the championship belt
He wants a rematch with Rocky
He wants to race on the beach and hug in the surf
24. Remember: you fight great, but...
You're not getting any younger.
I'm a great fighter.
You aint that pretty.
I'm still the champ.
25. Which one of these categories earned Rocky III an Oscar nomination?
Best Supporting Actor (Burt Young)
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor (Burgess Meredith)
Best Original Song
By way of explanation.....
This movie cemented the connection between Rocky and "The Eye of the Tiger."

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