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How Well Do You Know: Rocky (Version 2)
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1. In the first fight shown in the movie, who is Rocky Balboa’s opponent?
Apollo Creed
Don Flamenco
Honey Palmer
Spider Rico
2. How does the fight with Spider end?
Rocky wins the fight
Rocky's injured and the fight is called
Spider throws in the towel
Spider wins the fight
By way of explanation.....
Despite the win, the crowd isn’t impressed by the fight.
3. After locker rental and other fees, the bout against Spider nets Rocky a grand total of:
Nothing - they barely broke even with the small crowd
By way of explanation.....
Spider's share is $17.20.
4. At Mighty Mick’s Boxing Gym, the sign in the locker room reads “No ______”:
bare feet
By way of explanation.....
You can see it on a column in the center of the room as Rocky fumbles with the lock on ‘his’ locker.
5. The 1970s were tough times in Philly. What job does Rocky do to supplement his boxing ‘income’?
loan shark enforcer
school janitor
6. What’s the name of the Rocky’s loan shark boss, often seen riding around in a Cadillac?
Frank Rizzo
Angelo Provolone
Tony Gazzo
Anthony Russo
By way of explanation.....
Actor Joe Spinelli also played mob enforcer Willi Cicci in The Godfather I & Part II.
7. Rocky’s friend Paulie keeps begging for a chance to work with Gazzo, because he hates working as a:
garbage collector
professional gambler
8. Paulie’s sister Adrian works at a:
pet store
9. Rocky has a pet fish named Moby Dick. What are the names of his turtles?
Stretch and Stiff
Crackle and Pop
Lefty and Righty
Cuff and Link
10. Where does Rocky take Adrian for their first date?
a skating rink
window shopping for things they can't afford
his local bar
the zoo
11. What physical ailment does Rocky have that he points out to Adrian?
dislocated finger
broken nose
lazy eye
scar from falling out of the ring
12. All the big fights in boxing history have catchy promotional names. What is Apollo Creed calling his upcoming title bout?
The Philadelphia Pow Wow
The Clash of the Titans
The Bicentennial Super Battle
The Beantown Brawl
13. After the planned opponent bows out, what is it about Rocky that leads Apollo to select him out of all the other potential fighters?
his nickname
his southpaw stances
he's white
he's poor
By way of explanation.....
A master of marketing and image, Apollo is impressed by Rocky’s nickname “The Italian Stallion.”
14. How much will Rocky earn from fighting Apollo?
15. Ali claimed to train by shadow boxing in a pool. What's Rocky's unusual training method?
chasing chickens
carrying Paulie up the stairs
punching slabs of meat
16. Rocky runs up these famous Philadelphia steps in his iconic training montage:
Independence Hall
Christ Church
Spectrum Arena
Museum of Art
By way of explanation.....
Spectrum Arena, where the title bout is held in the movie, was demolished in 2011.
17. Mickey comes to Rocky's apartment to make the following plea:
Don't risk it, you can't win against a real fighter.
Help me keep my gym, take a dive.
Marry that girl before she leaves you.
Let me be your manager.
By way of explanation.....
Mickey claims the reason he wasn’t a greater fighter is because he didn’t have a manager.
18. How many times does Mickey say his nose was broken?
Never in fifty years
A dozen
Too many times to count
By way of explanation.....
In contrast, Rocky’s nose has never been broken until he fights Apollo Creed.
19. Who is the famous fighter depicted in the poster on the wall of Rocky’s apartment?
Bruce Lee
By way of explanation.....
Rocky Marciano held the heavyweight title in the 1950s and was undefeated in his boxing career.
20. In the arena, Rocky spots a problem in his banner. What’s wrong?
he's depicted as a righty
his shorts are the wrong colors
he looks Chinese
he looks like a Bantamweight
21. At the fight, which real life celebrity has a cameo appearance in the movie?
Joe Frazier
Hugh Hefner
Don King
the mayor of Philadelphia
By way of explanation.....
Frazier grew up in Philadelphia and eventually retired there, where he died in 2011
22. Stallone received an Oscar nomination for his screenplay, which he famously wrote after being inspired by this fight:
Muhammed Ali -- George Foreman “Rumble in the Jungle”
Muhammed Ali -- Chuck Wepner
Muhammed Ali -- Ken Norton rematch
Muhammed Ali -- Joe Frazier “The Thrilla in Manilla”
By way of explanation.....
It took Ali 15 rounds to defeat underdog Wepner by TKO in March 1975. (Stallone’s Planet Hollywood partners Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis have yet to write any screenplays.)
23. The man who directed Rocky (and won the Oscar for it) also directed this 1980s franchise trilogy:
The Karate Kid
Iron Eagle
Revenge of the Nerds
Back to the Future
By way of explanation.....
John G. Avildsen directed the first three Karate Kid movies but didn’t direct another Rocky movie until 1990.
24. Rocky beat out the competition at the Oscars by winning Best Picture instead of this movie:
Star Wars
All the President's Men
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
By way of explanation.....
Rocky also beat out Bound for Glory, Network, and Taxi Driver at the 49th Oscar ceremony.
25. By the way, how did the big fight end?
Rocky wins by knockout
Apollo wins by split decision
Rocky forfeits so he can be with Adrian
Ref calls a draw - neither fighter can continue - forcing a rematch in Rocky II
By way of explanation.....
At the end of the fight, an exhausted Apollo tells Rocky, “There ain’t gonna be no rematch.”

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