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How Well Do You Know: Hitch
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1. First words we hear in the film are a catch-phrase, of sorts, for Hitch. What are they?
Ground rules
First things first
Common sense
Basic principles
2. Hitch goes by Hitch because his last name is Hitchens. What is his first name?
3. At the beginning of the movie, we see Hitch engineering a meet-cute for one of his clients, that includes the fabrication of his client:
Foiling a robbery
Saving an elderly woman from choking
Stopping a purse-snatching
Rescuing a runaway dog
4. Hitch states 8 out of 10 women believe this will tell them everything they need to know about the relationship:
Eye contact
Dancing ability
How a man introduces himself
The first kiss
5. Sara's view on love can best be described as:
Hopelessly romantic
Deeply cynical
Hopeful yet realistic
6. Hitch's new clients come from:
Want ads in Sara's newspaper
Internet message boards
TV advertising
7. Hitch is known around the city by this nickname:
The Love Coach
The Date Fixer
The Heart Honcho
The Date Doctor
8. At a bar with his friend, Hitch uses this unusual tactic to begin talking to a woman:
Purposefully spilling a drink on her
Pretending he is deaf
Pretending she is a waitress
Having her name announced over the speakers
9. When Allegra Cole is introduced in the movie, Albert comes to her rescue when his boss shoots down one of her proposals. What does Allegra want to do?
Invest some of her money on her own
Revise her will
Change her public image
Make large charitable contributions
10. Alex meets Sara when he rescues her from a guy hitting on her. What does Alex do to intervene?
Pretends to be her boyfriend
Throws the other guy out of the bar
Has another woman start hitting on the guy
Makes a pass at the other guy
11. What type of columnist is Sara?
12. Hitch refuses to work with a tool named Vance Munson. Vance's main goal in hiring Hitch is to ___________ a particular woman:
Steal money from
Get revenge on
13. It turns out that Sara's friend Casey has already met Vance Munson when the two were doing this at the same time:
Lingerie shopping
Visiting the post office
Waiting at the doctor's office
Riding a bus
14. After their first meeting, Hitch has a courier deliver items to Sara. What is the first item that she opens?
A single rose
A walkie-talkie
A map
A necklace
15. After Sara agrees to a date on Sunday with Hitch, she opens a second item, which is:
A pair of sunglasses
A baseball cap
A minstrel costume
A wetsuit
16. Sara and Hitch's rather disastrous first date is a trip to:
Grand Central Station
Ellis Island
The Brooklyn Bridge
17. During a coaching session, Hitch slaps Albert when the latter demonstrates his:
Pick-up lines
18. Disastrous date #2 for Sara and Hitch comes when she takes him to a food rave. Who else is in attendance?
Albert an Allegra
Hitch's brother
Sara's sister
Sara's boss
19. Hitch just might possibly have food allergies. The first demonstrative sign of this is:
His eyes swell closed
He begins to vomit
His ear swells up
His neck swells up
20. Albert and Allegra go on a date to this very public venue:
The launching of a new store
A Knicks game
A movie premiere
A fashion show
21. At the basketball game, we see a second instance of Albert's trademark clumsiness:
Tripping over his shoelaces
Having his fly down
Spilling mustard on himself
Sneezing so hard his glasses fly off
22. Albert gets arrested after he trashes:
Allegra's apartment
A newsstand
A public library
The office of Sara's paper
23. Hitch meets Allegra to intervene for Albert, which leads to Albert attacking Hitch. Where does this encounter take place?
On a boat
On a helipad
At a country club
At a nightclub
24. At the end of the movie, we see everyone dancing at a wedding. Whose wedding is it?
Albert and Allegra's
Hitch and Sara's
A joint wedding for both Hitch and Sara and Albert and Allegra
There is no wedding at the end, so forget we said anything

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