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How Well Do You Know: Cold Mountain
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1. What does Ada Monroe's father do for a living?
Shop keeper
2. Ada mentions she's completely tired of living in _______, with all its corsets and slaves.
3. What do Mrs. Sally and Ada plot to get Inman to do for Sally?
Paint her barn
Repair her roof
Plow her field
Build her a table
4. When Inman visits Ada at her home, he reminds her every time he sees her she's:
Looking at her feet
Playing her piano
Carrying a tray
5. Before Inman leaves off to war, Ada gives him a gift. Besides a picture of herself, what does she give him?
A locket
A book
A cross
Her scarf
6. Inman is severely wounded in battle. Where was Inman shot?
In the back
In the neck
In the stomach
In the chest
7. Reverend Monroe expresses to Ada about his biggest regret with regards to her. What does the Reverend say to Ada he most regrets?
Treating her more like a companion
Not sending her up north
Not remarrying
Not putting more money aside
8. Sally and her husband Esco suggest to Ada that if she wants to see her future, she should look where?
In the pond
In the clouds
In a well
In a fire
9. Ada meets a violent creature who she's sure is the devil in disguised. What does she see?
A hog
A bull
A goat
A rooster
10. Inman catches Reverend Veasey doing what to a slave girl?
Tying her to a tree
Trying to push her off a cliff
Raping her
Trying to drown her
11. Inman later catches up with Veasey, who is being hunted down by angry villagers. What does Veasey complain most about the situation?
They took his clothes
His wife left him
They cut his hair
He would miss the slave girls
12. Ruby is really sorry Ada had to sell her ______ for money?
Father's watch
13. What did Reverend Veasey find in the woods along with Inman?
A gun
A saw
A horse
A axe
14. Veasey and Inman meet a man in the woods named Junior who claims he needs help. What does Junior need help sawing?
A mule
A fallen tree
Fire wood
A bull
15. Ruby and Ada walk past Sally's house and suspected her son has come home. What do they see that gave them the notion?
Their crops are harvested
They see the boys tracks
The hay is in bundles
They hear him from inside the home
16. Ruby and Ada find that Sally's husband has been murdered along with their two sons. Where do they find Sally?
Under a hay stack
Caught in between fence posts
Hiding in the barn
Hanging from the clothes line
17. After the attack on Sally, what is permanently wrong with her?
She can no longer speak
She's deaf
She's blind
She's crippled
18. Inman meets a kind woman who helps him and cares for him. She says to Inman, "I've pretty much learned a person can pretty much survive off a _____."
19. Ruby's dad asks Ada if she can give a small present to his friend Pangle. What does Pangle want?
A hat
A coat
20. Ruby's dad Stobrod writes a song about Ruby. What specific attribute about Ruby does he mention in his song?
Her eyes
Her temper
Her smile
Her heart
21. Inman spends the night with Sara, who asks him if he can do something for her for the night. What does Sara ask Inman to do?
Cut some firewood
Lie in bed with her
Make love to her
Slaughter her hog
22. Ruby falls in love with one of her father's friend by the name of what?
23. In Ada's visions of Inman she sees him surrounded by what?
24. At the end of the film we see that Ada has become more adjusted to life on a farm. What do we see Ada doing?
Skinning a sheep
Milking a cow
Plucking feathers from a chicken
Plowing a field
25. Which award did Cold Mountain win at the Oscars?
Best Picture
Best Cinematography
Best Original Score
Best Supporting Actress

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