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How Well Do You Know: Crash
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1. Detective Graham says to Ria that "people in LA don't touch each other, and sometimes we just miss the touch." What has just happened to Graham to make him come to this conclusion?
A man bumps into him on the sidewalk
He witnesses a group of men fighting
A car accident
A man tries to take a swing at him
2. Best friends Anthony and Peter are coming out of a restaurant, when Anthony starts his complaining again. What does Anthony continue to complain about throughout the entire movie?
His girlfriend
How badly men are treated
How broke he always is
How racist everything and everyone is
3. What question do Graham's mother asking him every time she sees him?
When are you coming back home?
Did you find your brother yet?
Did you bring me anything?
Have you seen your father?
4. Jean is furious that Rick calls a locksmith who she is sure is a gang member. What does she think Daniel is going to do to her?
Sell their keys to his friends
Use their key to let himself in
Tell all his homies about what's in their home
Come back and rob them
5. What is the job title of Rick Cabot?
Police Chief
District Attorney
6. Officer John Ryan is furious with his father's HMO plan, and suspects his problem is more severe. What is John's father having trouble with?
His prostrate
His lungs
His heart
His liver
7. John is still fuming about his father's condition and decides to pull Cameron and Christine over. What crime were they guilty of comitting?
Running a stop sign
Committing a sexual act in a car
Not signaling
Drinking and driving
8. What advice does Daniel give Farhad about his store?
You need to fix the lock
You need to repair the door
You need a security system
You need a new door
9. What is Daniel's little daughter Laura most afraid of?
Her daddy dying
A bullet
Bad men
10. Daniel gives Laura an invisible, impenetrable ______ that a fairy gave to him.
11. Officer Tom Hanson wants a new partner, and his lieutenant comes up with a good reason why he should. What reason does Lt. Dixon give Tom why he should ride alone?
He has terrible bad breath
He farts too much
He has difficulties getting along with others
He's a racist prick
12. Anthony is driving the stolen car, again complaining about racism. Peter ignores him by making up what type of song?
A country song
A rock song
A opera
A rap song
13. Anthony and Peter try and sell the Navigator they stole, but Lucien wants no part of it. Lucien points out that they have a blue light that finds blood and then asks them, "do I look like I wanna be on _____"
The news
The Discovery channel
America's Most Wanted
Court TV
14. Cameron's boss chews him out at work. What does Cameron do for a living?
He's a movie producer
He's a actor
He's a tv director
He writes for television
15. Officer John Ryan explains his bitterness towards black people to Shaniqua. He explains his father owned what type of company and hired all black men?
16. Graham and Ria are working a case where a cop shot another cop. What did they find stashed in the dead cop's trunk?
Stolen guns
A body
17. What is wrong with Graham's and Anthony's mother?
She's a junkie
She suffers from depression
She's an alcoholic
She has a mental illness
18. Graham has been advised he should make a case against officer Conklin. What has Conklin been accused of doing three times?
Stealing money
Planting evidence
Assaulting suspects
Killing a black man
19. When Jean hurts herself, she discovers she has no true friends except for her maid. How does Jean get hurt?
She slips in the shower
She falls down the stairs
She cuts her hand
She burns her arm
20. After Officer Tom Hanson shoots and kills Peter, what does he discover they both have in common?
A statue of Saint Anthony
A gun
A statue of Saint Christopher
Rosary beads
21. What is the reason Farhad didn't kill Laura when he shot her?
The bullets were blanks
The gun jammed
The gun wasn't loaded
She's a angel
22. Where does Farhad's daughter Dorrie work at when she encounters Graham?
The police station
The morgue
The hospital
The court house
23. Graham's mom yells out to Graham that Peter was a good boy and son. What does she say that he did what for her before he died?
Cleaned her house
Bought her new shoes
Fixed her sink
Bought her groceries
24. Anthony has a change of heart and lets the prisoners out of the van that they were chained in. He gives one of them money and tells him to "go buy ____ for everyone, you dopey Chinaman."
Some fish sticks
Some fortune cookies
Some chop suey
Some egg rolls
25. Which awards did Crash win at the Oscars?
Best Picture, Best Film Editing
Best Picture, Best Director
Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Song

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