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How Well Do You Know: 2012: The Year in Pop Culture, Part 1
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1. Muppets entered the political fray this year, when GOP not-quite-good-enough presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said he would cut funding to PBS and specifically named this Muppet.

( know...of their living situation)
2. There's this supermodel named Kate Upton, see. And she did this dance called the Cat Daddy. The performance proved to be so explosive that it brought about this unusual development:
The Black Eyed Peas had recorded a song to accompany the dance within two days
It was incorporated into a Barack Obama re-election ad
YouTube apologized after initially banning the video, and then restored access to the clip
Summer Olympics organizers preemptively banned performances of it from athletic events
3. Disappointingly, celebrity babies were reasonably named this year. For one of the odder ones, add a color to a name of a plant and you'll get this baby born to Beyonce at the beginning of the year:
Green Rose
Maroon Lilac
Yellow Moss
Blue Ivy
In June, we were treated to a YouTube clip featuring Barack Obama "singing" this omni-present song:
Somebody That I Used to Know
Call Me Maybe
We Are Young
By way of explanation.....
Dig the Presidential goodness:
5. With Charlie Sheen finally jettisoned from the show, Two and a Half Men producers brought this actress in to portray the character's ghost on the season finale:
Ellen DeGeneres
Kathy Bates
Tara Reid
6. Three deaths in quick succession on the set of this HBO show brought production to a halt, with the series ultimately being cancelled:

7. We hope you were able to catch a performance of Undisputed Truth, the one-man/woman Broadway show featuring this pop culture curiosity:
Mike Tyson
Mel Gibson
Axl Rose
Emilio Estevez
8. Frequent advertiser ____________ made good on its threats to "kill off" longtime pitchman __________:
Priceline / William Shatner
Allstate / Dennis Haysbert
Nikon / Ashton Kutcher
GEICO / the Gecko
9. It looks like Jessica Simpson will both begin and end the year pregnant. In between, she served as this weigh-loss company's spokesman:
Jenny Craig
LA Weight Loss
Weight Watchers
10. The 2012 fall edition of Survivor featured a former child star from this 80s sitcom:

11. The heavens sighed, the seventh curtain parted, and this member of the Jersey Shore gang reproduced during the year:
The Situation
12. A TV miniseries revisited some of the old-timey a-fussin' and a-fuedin', as these two actors stared in the History Channel's Hatfields & McCoys:
Dennis Quaid and Jude Law
Kevin Bacon and Michael Douglas
Tom Selleck and Daniel Craig
Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton
13. Somehow, the career of the creator of this crossing-the-line show wasn't adversely affected when he sent an Emmy mailer referring to award voters as "you bloated, over-privileged Brentwood Jews."

14. A nation recoiled in horror as, for a brief time this summer, this young parasite romantically attached itself to a member of the Kennedy family:
Demi Lovato
Taylor Swift
Amanda Bynes
Lindsay Lohan
15. Hopefully, we're sorry for what we did and will never do it again, as we have suffered through the existence of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The wretched show is a a spin-off of this similarly controversial show:
Toddlers & Tiaras
Jersey Shore
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Deadliest Catch
16. This judge from The Voice freed up time from his/her chair-turning-around schedule to appear in the fall season of American Horror Story:
The lad's detractors might have approved of this Complex magazine cover featuring a rather bloodied, beaten up young star. Who is it?
Zac Effron
Justin Long
Justin Bieber
Robert Pattinson
18. Please identify the name of JK Rowling's 2012 non-Harry Potter novel:
Notorious Nineteen
Cold Days
The Casual Vacancy
19. So here's a nice problem to have: This celebrity's annual earnings *fell* by $125 million vs. the previous year, but s/he *still* raked in $165 million, good enough to top Forbes' list of highest paid celebrities. Who are we talking about here?
Tyler Perry
Steven Spielberg
Michael Bay
By way of explanation.....
The top 10: Oprah ($165 m); Bay ($160 m); Spielberg ($130 m); Jerry Bruckheimer ($115 m); Dr. Dre ($110 m); Perry ($105 m); Howard Stern ($95 m); James Patterson ($94 m); George Lucas ($90 m); Simon Cowell ($90 m)
20. "Don't Wake Up in a Roadside Ditch"
"Don't Drive Into a Pizzeria"
"Don't Attend Your Own Funeral"
"Don't Have Your House Explode"

Such were the lessons at the end of ads aired during the year by this company:
Allstate Insurance

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