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How Well Do You Know: 2012: The Year in Music
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1. This single's rise up the charts coincided with the artist being announced as a new judge on X-Factor:
Locked Out of Heaven
A Team
Give Your Heart a Break
2. Snoop Dogg is dead. Long live Snoop __________:
3. If 2012 served as the jumping-off point for the reintroduction of the xylophone to popular music, you can probably thank this single, which used the sound to the greatest effect:
We Are Young
Somebody That I Used to Know
Drive By
4. "Obama staged [Aurora] massacres to pass gun laws." Which hard rock star offered up this Comment of Questionable Judgement following the Dark Knight Rises shootings in Colorado?
Ted Nugent
Dave Mustaine
Lars Ulrich
Kid Rock
By way of explanation.....
We'd have thought this was something that Ted might have said, but no.
5. It's not every year that a feminist punk-rock collective makes international news. What is the homeland of Pussy Riot, whose arrest caused world-wide controversy?
South Korea
New Zealand
South Africa
6. Any idea who Phillip Phillips is? No? We were stumped, also. Apparently, he won American Idol in the spring. So, say something nice about Phil Phillips:
The episode crowning him champion was the largest watched in history
After winning, he started a career as a highly sought-after fashion designer
He has recorded a new theme song for American Idol which will open episodes in subsequent seasons
His "coronation song" Home was the best-selling such song in the history of the show
7. Some Nights I stay awake reminding myself that We Are Young...and trying to remember how to correctly "spell" the name of the band responsible for this. Oh yeah, its:
8. Nothing says you've made it as a pop/rock star like being asked to sing a James Bond theme. Who was the vocalist for Skyfall's song?
Colbie Caillat
One Direction
9. Somewhat scurrilous charges of military propaganda were thrown at this single, in which a pop star joins the Corps:
Part of Me
What Makes You Beautiful
10. Madonna, now approximately 75 years old, keeps on keepin' on. Which of the following was not true about Madge in 2012?
She was named Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire
She had the highest grossing concert of the year
She released an album whose title was a shortening of her name
She performed at the Super Bowl half-time show
11. Wait, back up. Speaking of Madonna and her Super Bowl half-time show, during the act, this guest-performer uttered a vulgarity and gave a one-fingered salute that made it past NBC censors:
Jessie J.
Taylor Swift
Lil Kim
12. If you're bulletproof with nothing to lose, then most likely you're:
A man on a mission
13. Long before Alex Clare's single "Too Close" ever hit the radio, it was used in a widely-marketed ad campaign for:
An insurance company
An airline
An online dating service
A web browser
By way of explanation.....
14. In what will perhaps stand as a watershed moment for the genre, this hip-hop star made news in July by writing about being gay in his Tumblr blog:
Frank Ocean
Wiz Khalifa
Lil Wayne
15. In a development that we sure didn't see coming, this pop act from the 80s landed an album at the top of the country charts during 2012:
Ric Ocasek
Annie Lennox
Lionel Richie
Boy George
16. We have forgotten where we left our Presidential Medal of Freedom. The same might or might not happen to this classic rock star, who wore his sunglasses for the entirety of his presentation ceremony during the year:
Tom Petty
Bruce Springsteen
Bob Dylan
John Fogerty
17. Each of the following hit #1 on the Billboard Top 100 during the year. Oh, wait. Only three of them did. Which is the odd song out?
Diamonds by Rihanna
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift
Glad You Came by The Wanted
One More Night by Maroon 5
By way of explanation.....
Glad You Came reached as high as #3 but never topped the charts
18. How, what or where does Pink request that you "Blow Me"?
One Last Kiss
A Secret
On the...never mind
19. This was the most widely popular hip-hop song of the year, as it briefly topped the Hot 100 chart in 2012:
Tyga's Rack City
Drake's Take Care
Flo Rida's Whistle
Nicki Minaj's Starships
20. Though they've been kicking around for a few years, current and future generations will remember 2012 as the year that One Direction hit the big time. So, um, quick: name a member of One Direction.
Randolph Smithington
Roger Fenwick
Artie Horvath
Harry Styles
21. While not the official video for the song, the rendition of this song performed by the kids and staff of Seattle Children's Hospital garnered three million views on YouTube:
Between the Raindrops
Wide Awake
Drive By
By way of explanation.....
22. The remorseless Pop Culture Machine that is Taylor Swift showed no signs of stopping. Taking time out from her serial-dating ways, the young Ms. Swift released an album, the one-word title of which is:
A US state
A color
A bird
A flower
23. We couldn't help but feeling smacked around by irony upon reading the news that this male/female duo canceled their tour citing "internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition."
The Bird and the Bee
The Civil Wars
The White Stripes
Of Monsters and Men
24. Three of the following are covers of Rolling Stone published during 2012. Which is a remnant from 2011?

25. The following artist did double duty on Saturday Night Live in 2012, not only performing as the musical guest, but hosting the show as well:
Adam Levine
Bruno Mars
Katy Perry
Gwen Stefani

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