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How Well Do You Know: You've Got Mail
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1. Let's start off with a reaaaally easy one. What screen name does Kathleen Kelly use?
2. Kathleen works at The Shop Around the Corner, which specializes in this type of books:
3. The first email which Joe sends in the movie concerns his:
4. As of the beginning of the movie, Joe and Kathleen have never (knowingly) met face to face. So, how did they start corresponding via email?
They received each others' addresses through mutual friends
He received misdelivered email that was meant for her
They both posted complaints in the forum for the same business
They met in a chatroom
5. Joe's primary concern as the opening of Fox Books approaches is:
The neighborhood response
The economic climate in the city
Whether or not the chain has oversaturated the market
Vandalism done to the store
6. Joe: "The whole purpose of places like ___________ is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy [item]." To what is Joe referring?
The post office
TGI Friday's
7. Kathleen's initial reaction when she see Fox Books is opening soon is:
She's not afraid
She tries to get an ordinance to block the opening
She organizes a picketline
She forecasts doom for the store and predicts they'll have to close within a few months
8. The first time the pair meets in the movie, without knowing the online identity of the other is:
When Kathleen goes into Fox Books to size up the competition
At a street fair
At a TV station
After storytime at Kathleen's store
9. How did Kathleen come to own The Shop Around the Corner?
Her mother used to own it
She bought it at a public auction
She bought it from a man who, unbeknown to her, was Joe's father
She used to own a cafe at the site, but closed it and turned it into a book store
10. When Joe and Kathleen meet at a party, she scolds him for taking:
A mixed drink meant for her
The last cocktail napkin
A whole plate of shrimp
11. Joe comes to Kathleen's rescue in a grocery store when:
Her credit card is declined
She only has a credit card in a cash only line
Someone takes the last bag of sugar
She has one too many items for the express lane
12. Joe describes this movie as the sum of all wisdom:
The Godfather
Dog Day Afternoon
High Noon
13. Joe advises Kathleen to "go to the mattresses" to save her business. She does, employing each of the following, except for:
Picketing Fox Books
Holding a rally
Taking out print ads bashing Fox Books
Appearing on TV broadcast
14. What is the upshot of all the publicity?
It severely hurts Fox Books' business
Business suffers, as the neighborhood sees Kathleen's tactics as bullying
It makes no difference
It puts The Shop Around the Corner in the clear for several more months
15. Joe and Kathleen, corresponding online, arrange a real-life meeting in a cafe. Joe will be able to recognize Kathleen because she will have:
A red ribbon in her hair
A book with a flower
A cup of hot tea and a glass of iced tea
A heart broach on her sweater
16. At the cafe, Joe realizes that Kathleen is Shopgirl before they actually meet face-to-face. How?
He sees her go into the cafe just before he arrives
He has a waiter describe her to him
He sees her right after he comes out of a restroom
He has his friend scout her out
17. Kathleen and her boyfriend Frank break up. How does this come about?
Frank tells Kathleen he doesn't love her, breaking her heart
They agree they don't love each other, though Frank says it first
They agree they don't love each other, though Kathleen says it first
Kathleen tells Frank she doesn't love him, breaking Frank's heart
18. After her store closes, Kathleen wanders into Fox Books, where she is able to offer advise to a customer about this series of children's books:
Judy Moody
The "Shoes" books
The Bobbsey twins
Anne of Green Gables
19. Joe breaks up with Patricia following this mini-disaster:
They get stuck in an elevator
Their building loses power for several hours
They are snowbound by a blizzard
She sets their apartment on fire
20. Joe visits Kathleen at home. Why?
She has locked herself in her apartment and has no one else to call
She is sick
He wants to hire her to work at his store
He wants to find clues to verify that she is Shopgirl
21. Kathleen asks Joe, online, to meet in real life. He dodges the request, responding that he has:
A charade that needs ending
A project that needs tweaking
A relationship that needs mending
A trip that needs taking
22. A conversation between Joe and Kathleen makes much of the number that is part of Joe's screen name. He is NY:
23. This song plays as Joe and Kathleen come face-to-face at the end of the movie:
At Last
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
What a Wonderful World
Someone to Watch Over Me
24. When Kathleen finally realizes that Joe is NY152, she says:
I always knew it was you.
I can't believe it was you.
I wanted it to be you.
I never would have thought it was you.
25. The film is actually a remake of an earlier work. You probably knew this. So, you should be able to identify the original film on which You've Got Mail is based:
The Philadelphia Story
The Shop Around the Corner
His Girl Friday

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