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How Well Do You Know: The Burbs (version 2)
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1. What is Art shooting at?
2. What is the name of Walter's dog?
3. Why does Rumsfield hate Walter?
Walter keeps hitting his mailbox
Walter tells his dog to crap on his lawn
Walter is grumpy all the time
Walter is always telling him he is crazy
4. Who owns the soda fountain?
5. What does Ray's dog dig up from under the fence?
A femur
A skull
A dog toy
A dead cat
6. What is the name of evil neighbors?
The Kleins
The Kilsners
The Klones
The Klopeks
7. What does the evil neighbor throw over the fence into Ray's yard?
A note
A bone
A key
8. What strange thing is the evil neighbors doing in the middle of the night in a rainstorm?
Playing ball
Chopping wood
9. What does Ray suggest the Klopeks were digging in the backyard for?
A hole to bury their pet in
10. What is the neighbor Ricky Butler doing in the beginning of the movie?
Driving his car
Painting his house
Talking to friends
11. What happens to Ray and Art when they try to go introduce themselves to the Klopeks?
The Klopeks tell them to get off their property
They get stung by bees
They chicken out and run away
They trip in the yard
12. What show are Ray and Bonnie watching on TV when Art interrupts them?
Wheel of Fortune
The Price is Right
Who's still standing
13. What does Art eat while sitting at the table in Rays house eating breakfast?
Crab cakes
A banana
Dog food
14. What was the name of the previous owner of the Klopeks' house?
The Smiths
The Shirleys
The Kleins
The Knapps
15. What did Skip use to murder his family?
An icepick
A knife
A gun
A golf club
16. What strange thing are Art and Rumsfield doing the morning after they were spying on the Klopeks with the night vision scope
Throwing garbage in the street
Creeping outside the Klopeks house
Breaking into the Klopeks house
Chasing a member of the Klopek family
17. What do the Klopeks offer the neighbors to eat when they come over for a visit?
Pretzels and sardines
Cheese and crackers
Crackers and pickles
18. What does Bonnie find on Walter's stove
Walter's toupee
Walter's mail
A spider
Moldy food
19. What did the note that Ray put in Walter's mail slot say?
I have your mail
Call me when you get home
Sorry we broke your window
Walter, I have your dog
20. What kind of dog do the Klopeks have?
A Great Dane
A Mastiff
A Greyhound
A Lab
21. What do Ray and Art find in the basement that is unusual?
A trap door
A bunch of human bones
A freezer with suspicious looking stuff in it
A furnace that goes to 5000 degrees
22. What does Ricky find in Mr. Klopek's trunk?
A trunk full of human bones
A dead dog
23. Who is in the driver's seat of the ambulance after Ray climbs into the back?
Dr. Klopek
24. Who catches Hans with a sliding tackle in the wet grass?
25. What does Ray compliment Carol on after she gets back from the lake and finds hims half blown-up?
Her perfume
Her hair
Her outfit
Her nails

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