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How Well Do You Know: Friends With Benefits
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1. The movie opens to Jamie Rellis and Dylan Harper being dumped by their respective spouses. Jamie's boyfriend breaks up with her before a showing of her favorite movie, ___________, while Dylan's girlfriend dumps him after he's late to meet her at a ________________.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show / strip club
Pretty Woman / John Mayer concert
Brokeback Mountain / pottery class
Cinema Paradiso / ballroom dancing lesson
2. Dylan gets off the plane in NYC to meet headhunter Jamie, to find her:
crying in the terminal because she had just been dumped
fighting with a woman who is also waiting for someone to get off the plane
running around the baggage carousel, trying to retrieve the piece of paper with his name on it
getting in a cab / leaving the terminal without him
3. What job is Jamie looking to fill?
Assistant Editor of the New York Times
Art Director at GQ Magazine
photographer at Playboy Magazine
law associate at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
4. Trying to sell Dylan on the idea of moving from Los Angeles to New York City, Jamie shows Dylan some of NYC's "hidden gems". While starting their night at an outdoor bar, they run into...who?
musician Usher
baseball player Derek Jeter
socialite Paris Hilton
snowboarder Shaun White
5. Jamie takes Dylan to one of her favorite spots in NYC - the roof of a building which she claims is the only spot in the city where you can see the stars. As an added bonus, ___________.
there is no cell phone reception up there
it's the roof of her apartment building, so she doesn't have far to go to get there
the industrial fans on the roof drown out the noise of the city
it's right next door to the GQ building
6. While talking to Jamie about why sex without love is made to be so complicated, Dylan compares it to what?
playing video games
playing tennis
running sprints
7. Before agreeing to a "friends with benefits" arrangement, Jamie and Dylan, lacking a bible, swear on...what?
a bible app on Jamie's iPad
a GQ magazine
a copy of Sex for Dummies
Dylan's contract
8. Dylan and Jamie compare tattoos. Dylan explains that he got a lightning bolt tattoo because he wanted superpowers and was into Harry Potter at that time. Why did Jamie get a tattoo of a dog?
it was in memory of her favorite childhood pet
a dog represented family normalcy, something she desperately wanted
she loved the show "Lassie" when she was younger
she and her friends all got the same tattoo, and they had wanted it to be of a dog
9. After deciding it's time to start dating again, Jamie and Dylan start lookin' for love. Walking through the park, Dylan dares Jamie to start talking to a man standing alone, and sure enough she ends up making a date with Parker, a:
street musician
personal injury lawyer
Broadway actor
pediatric oncologist
10. Upset about breaking up with her new boyfriend after their first night together, Jamie is temporarily cheered up when Dylan:
surprises her with a piece of art he thought she'd like
takes her out to dinner and a movie
brings her to a bar and gets her drunk
calls her ex and chastises him, telling him what a catch Jamie was
11. Jamie accepts Dylan's invitation to join him on a trip home to LA to visit his family, after:
Dylan admits he told his sister he had a girlfriend, and asks Jamie to play the role
realizing she'd be lonely in NYC without him there
her mother backs out of their weekend trip away together
deciding to talk to Dylan about becoming a couple - why not talk on the plane?
12. Dylan's young nephew Sam is (rather unsuccessfully) trying to learn how to be a(n):
opera singer
13. Dylan's sister Annie fills Jamie in on some of Dylan's past. Which of the following is not true?
Dylan needed a speech tutor due to his stutter
Dylan loved the rap group Kris Kross
Dylan had a math tutor
Dylan was a band geek
14. Jamie discovers a part of Dylan's life that he kept quiet - what is it?
his father has Alzheimer's
his mother died when he was a young boy
he had been a priest before deciding to leave the priesthood
he had been dumped at the altar
15. Dylan and Jamie go trespassing near the Hollywood sign and have trouble leaving once they are discovered - why?
Dylan is afraid of heights (and helicopters) and has to be airlifted off the sign
they had gotten intimate and discovered their clothes had been stolen
Jamie refuses to leave and cusses out a police officer before being arrested
Dylan wants to go, but Jamie gets propositioned by one of the men trying to get them off the sign
16. Dylan and Annie talk about his feelings (or lack of) for Jamie, not realizing she is in the same room. Where was she?
looking for an earring she dropped behind the couch
standing in the doorway
hidden in Dylan's nephew's magicians box
playing hide-and-seek in the closet
17. After Jamie ignores his calls, Dylan finally finds her and they argue about the conversation she overheard. How did Dylan know where to find Jamie?
he called her office and the secretary told Dylan where to find her
he accidentally passes her on the street while trying to call her yet again
Jamie, a creature of habit, went to the same restaurant every day for lunch around that time
he tried calling her and it went straight to voicemail, as she had no cell reception
18. Jamie receives a phone call after her blowout with Dylan, informing her that:
Dylan is quitting his job at GQ and moving back to Los Angeles to help take care of his ailing father
another company wants to hire Dylan, and went to him directly after she neglected to approach him
she's pregnant (whether it's Dylan's or the ex-boyfriend's remains to be seen)
her mother is heading back to NYC and wants to move in with Jamie temporarily
19. Dylan panics when he loses his father while waiting to be seated at an airport restaurant. Where does he find his father?
outside, sitting on a bench
on a pay phone, trying to call Dylan's sister (he wanted to go back home!)
in the airport terminal, talking with Jamie
sitting (without pants) at a table in the restaurant
20. After an enlightening conversation with his father, Dylan decides to go after Jamie and get her back. Not happy about traffic slowing down his plans, he finds another way to get him and his father home into the city - what?
hot air balloon
ambulance - his father faked a heart attack
his friend's boat
tandem bicycle
21. Where does Dylan's attempt to get Jamie back take place?
the top of the building Jamie likes to go to (the only place in the city you can see the stars)
The Empire State Building
the airport terminal
Grand Central Station
22. How does Jamie wind up getting to Grand Central Station without knowing why she's supposed to be there?
she receives an emergency call saying her mother was robbed and stranded there
Dylan calls her and says he needs to meet her there for a business proposition
her mother (in on the plan) tells Jamie to go there to meet up with her, then backs out once Dylan appears
Dylan's friend/coworker Tommy gets behind the wheel of an empty taxi and picks Jamie up, bringing her there despite her wanting to go somewhere else
23. Dylan surprises Jamie with:
a flash mob dancing to "Closing Time"
a romantic dinner in the middle of Grand Central Station
a friendly game of tennis
a wedding proposal
24. Throughout Friends With Benefits, Jamie makes mention of the fact that she wants a romance like those she has seen in movies. Jamie and Dylan are seen watching a fictional romantic comedy during many spots in the movie. Who are the actors starring in this fictional movie-within-a-movie?
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone
Jason Segel and Rashida Jones
Jon Hamm and Cobie Smulders
John Krasinski and Kristen Wiig

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