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How Well Do You Know: The Shawshank Redemption
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1. In the opening of the film, Andy is on trial for:
Tax fraud
Killing his wife
Killing a convenience store clerk
Robbing a bank
2. The film is based on a story by Stephen King. The name of which classic film actress was part of the story's title?
Lana Turner
Ingrid Bergman
Marlene Dietrich
Rita Hayworth
3. The film is set in what northern US state?
New Hampshire
4. Red and his friends made a bet about the group of new prisoners who arrived with Andy. What did they bet?
Which would try to escape first
Which would break down and cry first
Which would get paroled first
Which would get raped first
5. What was the first item that Andy asked for from Red?
A rock hammer
A map of the prison
A pack of smokes
A new pair of shoes
6. When asked why Red was called Red, Red told Andy:
It's none of your damned business
Maybe it's because I'm Irish
You'll find out soon enough
It's short for Redwood. My last name's Wood. My first name's Bill.
7. What was Red's real first name?
8. "I'd only ask for __________ a piece for each of my co-workers."
Four packs of smokes
Three beers
Twenty extra minutes in the yard
A week off of laundry detail
9. Who described himself as "the only guilty man in Shawshank"?
Warden Norton
Captain Hadley
10. Portrayed by Mark Rolston, what was the name of the ill-fated head of The Sisters?
11. When Andy's stock started rising within the prison, he adopted as his pet project improvements to the prison's:
Exercise facilities
Wood shop
Movie theatre
12. What news did Brooks receive that drove him to hold a knife to Heywood's throat?
Brooks was being paroled
Heywood was being paroled
Brooks' father had died
Brooks' daughter had died
13. What did Brooks carve into the ceiling beam before hanging himself?
I'm tired of being afraid
Take care of Jake for me
I'm coming home
Brooks was here
14. Andy earned two weeks in the hole into trouble by blasting what type of music through the prison PA?
Rock & Roll
Country western
15. Andy gave Red a present upon his getting denied for parole. What was it?
A bird
A harmonica
A chessboard
A rock hammer
16. What was the name of the false identity that Andy created to launder the warden's money?
John Smith
Randall Stevens
Marcus Eldbridge
Harvey Bowman
17. What was not true of the prisoner shown here:

Andy helped him study for his equivalency degree
His name was Tommy
He served time in the hole right after Andy
He knew Andy was innocent and was killed for it
18. When pleading his case with the warden, what word did Andy use that particularly riled Norton?
19. Andy told Red that, if he ever got out, he should find something buried in a particular ________ under a(n) _______.
Schoolyard / swingset
Parking lot / parking meter
Hayfield / rock
City park / old oak tree
20. Who or what was Jake?
A particularly sadistic guard
The man who was having an affair with Andy's wife
Warden Norton's brother
Brooks' bird
21. Which was not a film bombshell whose poster Andy had in his cell?
Marilyn Monroe
Rita Hayworth
Sophia Loren
Raquel Welch
22. What personal item of the warden's did Andy steal to aid him in his escape?
His wallet
His shoes
His penknife
His tietack
23. After Andy escaped, Norton came across his bible, which had been inscribed with which statement that the warden had made earlier?
I am the light of the world
Put your trust in the Lord, your ass belongs to me
I'll pull you out of that one-bunk Hilton and cast you down with the Sodomites
Salvation lies within
24. How many parole hearings did Red appear at during the film?
25. We were going to end the quiz by asking you the correct spelling of the Mexican town where Andy and Red met at the end of the film (Zihuatanejo!). Instead: what was Andy doing in the final scene of the movie?
Tending bar
Working on a boat
Driving a cab
Sitting in a prison cell

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