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How Well Do You Know: The 2012 Oscars
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1. Congratulations to _____ and _______ for both taking home five awards a piece, which was the most of the night?
The Help and The Artist
The Artist and Hugo
Hugo and Midnight in Paris
The Artist and The Descendents
2. When the show itself began, the host Billy Crystal was the first person to appear on stage right? Right??
Wrong, James Franco appeared on stage first
Wrong, Morgan Freeman appeared on stage first
Wrong, Colin Firth appeared on stage first
3. The customary, show-opening mock-montage of nominees featured a cameo from this young star, who told Billy Crystal: "I'm here to get you the 18-24 demographic."
Taylor Lautner
Zac Efron
Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift
4. Signaling its nonexistent chances of winning anything, this Best Picture nominee failed to merit an appearance by Billy Crystal in his nominnee montage?
The Descendents
Midnight in Paris
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
5. ABC's red carpet team included Robin Roberts, Tim Gunn and this woman, who led Nick Nolte through an incoherent interview that touched on a crow and a pinball machine:
Kelly Osbourne
Louise Roe
Jess Cagle
Maria Menounos
6. Leading into his presentation for the Cinematography Oscar, Tom Hanks introduced the audience to:
The production manager in the TV truck
A stage hand
His accountant
A seat-filler
7. The first film of the evening two win multiple Oscars was:
The Artist
The Help
The Descendants
By way of explanation.....
Art Direction and Cinematography
8. "Thanks...for keeping me employed for the last 37 years." The winner of the Makeup category gave a nod to which film legend in his speech?
Christopher Plummer
Meryl Streep
Ian McKellan
Nick Nolte
9. If you are a native of this country, then you share a homeland with the winner for the Foreign Language winner:
10. This past winner presented the first acting award of the evening:
Natalie Portman
Christian Bale
Colin Firth
Melissa Leo
11. Winners barely had time to finish their acceptance speeches, but the telecast still found time for a 49-minute long Cirque du Soleil production. This previous Oscar nominee provided the music for the extravaganza:
Howard Shore
Hans Zimmer
Danny Elfman
John Williams
12. The Iron Man tag team of Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow presented the award for Documentary Feature. What is the subject of the winning film?
Exonerated prisoners
A football team
Disaster victims
An artist (how fitting for this evening)
By way of explanation.....
Undefeated won the award.
13. "You don't want to be a presenter who tries too hard." You know your stint is a mess if you're being reigned in by Ben Stiller. Just ask his counter-part for introducing the Visual Effects Oscar?
Cameron Diaz
Emma Stone
Jessica Chastain
Bryce Dallas Howard
14. Trying to play up the show's theme of actually being at the movies, producers had aisle attendants distribute what to the audience as the show cut to commercials?
Boxes of popcorn
3D glasses
Moist towelettes
By way of explanation.....
We want to now point out that Jonah Hill has exactly the same number of Oscar nominations as Gary Oldman.
15. The B+W Film Editing Factory were repeat winners in the category. After taking home the Oscar last year for The Social Network, Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter won this year for:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Artist
The Descendants
16. As Disembodied Theater Voice informed us, Christopher Plummer became the oldest actor ever to win an Academy Award. He won his first Oscar at the spry age of:
17. You probably didn't notice - like, not at all - but Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis ascended to the stage to present Original Song wielding these instrument:
Bongo drums
18. In his "What they're thinking" bit, Billy Crystal uttered some sort of unintelligible gargle/growl as the camera focused on:
George Clooney
Brad Pitt
Max von Sydow
Nick Nolte
19. Meanwhile, Crystal "read" that Brad Pitt was hoping for the show to end quickly because why?
he was tired of Crystal leering at Angelina
he had six parent/teacher conferences the next day
their babysitting bill is going to be murder
we already know that The Artist is going to win
20. The Tip of the Hat to the Recently Deceased included mention of each of the following, except for _________, who was included in last year's In Memoriam:
Dennis Hopper
Jane Russell
Peter Falk
Elizabeth Taylor
21. The telecast included footage of the industry's first focus group, who basically tore this cinema classic a new one:
Gone with the Wind
The Wizard of Oz
From Here to Eternity
22. The cast of Bridesmaids mobbed the stage to present awards with which common theme?
Animated films
23. While introducing their Documentary Short Subject award, Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy played a faux drinking game. Whose name being yelled prompted them to take a swig from a tiny liquor bottle?
24. The Honorary Academy Award recipients included Oprah Winfrey, James Earl Jones and Dick Smith, who is best known for his contributions to the field of:
25. The acting winners, either lead or supporting, came from the following films, except:
The Iron Lady
The Artist
The Help
26. Which super-duper megastar was given the privilege of coronating the evening's biggest award -- Best Picture?
Harrison Ford
Tom Hanks
Tom Cruise
Julia Roberts
27. Best Director winner Michel Hazanavicius was given the floor to speak when The Artist won Best Picture. Which classic filmmaker did he repeatedly thank?
William A. Wellman
Billy Wilder
Alfred Hitchcock
Charlie Chaplin
28. Throughout the evening, the show featured many presenting pairs. Which of these did NOT present an award together?
Penelope Cruz & Owen Wilson
Jennifer Lopez & Cameron Diaz
Sandra Bullock & Tom Hanks
Tina Fey & Bradley Cooper
29. Everyone was pretty well-behaved, speech-wise, with one exception. One of the winners from which category decided to pepper in some profanity which got silenced via the five-second delay?
Animated Short
Documentary Feature
Foreign Film
Sound Mixing
30. "We're here at the beautiful Chapter 11 Theater...." Crystal repeatedly referred to the fact that the theater hosting the event was no longer the Kodak Theater. The complex had been rebranded as the:
Hollywood Events Center
Los Angeles Downtown Civic Theater
The Hollywood and Highland Center
Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Theater

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