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How Well Do You Know: Rocky Balboa
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1. Talia Shire does not appear in the cast for Rocky Balboa. Why not?
This is a "reboot" story where Rocky never married
Rocky and Adrian divorced when their son left home
Adrian died in the years since Rocky V
Adrian is played by a different actress
By way of explanation.....
Details about her illness are left to the description "woman cancer"
2. In previous movies Rocky's owned a Firebird, a Maserati, a motorcycle, and a Lamborghini. What's he driving now?
a pickup truck
a cargo van
a motorcycle
he doesn't own a car - walking keeps him fit
3. Rocky runs an eatery where he likes to recount old boxing memories. What's the place called?
Adrian's Restaurant
Rocky's Diner
The Itallian Stallion Deli
Balboa's Burger Box
By way of explanation.....
The sign reads "since 1996"
4. Which character from Rocky's past is a regular at Adrian's Restaurant and eats for free?
Tony Gazzo
Little Marie
Father Carmine
Spider Rico
By way of explanation.....
A former opponent, Spider is often seen reading his Bible and is in Rocky's corner late in the movie.
5. On the anniversary of Adrian's death, Rocky takes a tour of places that were special in their lives. Which one is not part of the tour?
The pet store where they first met
The apartment where they first kissed
The ice rink where they had their first date
The zoo where he first asked her to marry him
6. Paulie still works at the meat plant but he has an interesting pastime. What is it?
Composing music
Teaching little kids to box
Selling his own brand of cigars
By way of explanation.....
Some of his art is displayed in Adrian's Restaurant.
7. Rocky reconnects with the Little Marie, who he walked home when she was a kid. Now she has a kid. What's his name?
By way of explanation.....
Marie appeared in the first Rocky movie, played by Jodi Letizia. In Rocky Balboa she's played by Geraldine Hughes.
8. Rocky does a number of unsolicited favors for Marie. Which one is she most resistant to?
A ride home
A replacement light bulb
A job at the restaurant
Befriending her son
By way of explanation.....
She eventually takes it when it's clear he's not asking for anything in return.
9. Rocky and Marie's son become pals and they pick out a dog for Rocky. What is the dog's name?
10. The Super Fight was a 1970 computer simulation that matched the best fighters in history to determine the best of all time. In this movie, ESPN has updated the simulation, calling it:
Then vs Now
The Best of the Best
The Mother of All Bouts
Super Fight 2
By way of explanation.....
In the original simulation, Marciano won it all without fighting Ali, so Ali and Marciano filmed a rematch.
11. Who does Rocky fight in ESPN's simulation?
Muhammed Ali
Rocky Marciano
Apollo Creed
Mason Dixon
12. Which real life fighter portrays Mason Dixon?
Floyd Mayweather
Bernard Hopkins
Roy Jones Jr.
Antonio Tarver
By way of explanation.....
Tarver won an Olympic Bronze medal in 1996 was a light heavyweight champion as a professional.
13. Who is the most-enthusiastic, and least enthusiastic, for a fight between the current champion and the former champion?
Marie's son, Marie
Dixon's managers, Rocky's son
Paulie, Rocky
Dixon, Duke
14. Why does Rocky apply for a boxing license?
The current champ challenges him
He needs the money for the restaurant
He wants to fight small local fights
He wants to prove to Marie he can still fight
By way of explanation.....
Dixon's people ask Rocky for a match after he's pursued the license
15. What is the boxing commission's decision at the hearing for Rocky's application for a boxing license?
His medical exam failed so the commission denies the license
His medical exam passed but the commission denies the license
His medical exam failed but the commission approves him anyway
His medical exam passed and the commission approves him
By way of explanation.....
Rocky delivers a great speech which changes their minds and they later approve the license.
16. What is Duke's training strategy to give Rocky a chance to beat Mason Dixon?
Punching power
Foot speed
Punching speed
17. In a great personal speech to his son Robert, Rocky's most important point is to say cowards do this:
Believe the naysayers
Blame others for their failures
Sell out for money or fame
Keep doing a job you don't love
By way of explanation.....
"You gotta be willing to take the hits, and not point fingers saying you ain't where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody! Cowards do that and that ain't you!"
18. Mason Dixon weighs 221. What is Rocky's weight?
By way of explanation.....
He's 15 pounds heavier than his lightest weight in the previous films.
19. What are Rocky's colors for the fight?
Red with yellow trim
His famous American flag colors
White with red trim
Black with yellow trim
20. Rocky's entrance music was picked by Paulie. Name that tune.
"Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen
"High Hopes" by Frank Sinatra
"Ain't That a Kick in the Head" by Dean Martin
"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor
21. Mason Dixon talks to a real life celeb in the seats. Who's there to watch the fight?
George Foreman
Muhammed Ali
Mike Tyson
Evander Holyfield
By way of explanation.....
The two trash talk each other, with Tyson referring to "that midget" in Dixon's crew.
22. Before his first match with Apollo Creed, Rocky had won 44 fights. How many career wins has he had before fighting Mason Dixon?
By way of explanation.....
Rocky's stats are announced as 54 wins, 23 losses, and 1 draw.
23. What injury is sustained during the fight?
Dixon's hand is broken
Rocky's nose is broken
Dixon's rib is broken
Rocky's hand is broken
24. How many rounds does the fight last?
4 rounds
8 rounds
10 rounds
12 rounds
25. What is the outcome of the Balboa-Dixon fight?
Balboa wins by decision
Balboa wins by KO
Dixon wins by TKO
Dixon wins by split decision
By way of explanation.....
As with the first Rocky movie, he's still a winner and people's champion even though he loses the match.

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