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How Well Do You Know: The Roommate
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1. The film is set at a fictitious university in which city?
Los Angeles
New York
2. Sara Matthews arrives at her room:
After her roommate Rebecca (Leighton Meester)
Several hours earlier than Rebecca
Minutes before Rebecca
At the same time as Rebecca
3. Sara meets Stephen (Cam Gigandet) at a party at his frat house. Stephen plays which instrument?
4. Sara broke up when her boyfriend Jason when he:
Cheated on her
Decided to go to a different school at the last minute
Revealed he is gay
Hit her
5. Things get off to a rocky start between Tracy (Aly Michalka) and Rebecca when Tracy:
Makes a pass at Rebecca
Comments about Rebecca's hair
Hits Rebecca's car in the parking log
Suggests nicknames for Rebecca
6. Sara seems to be going to school primarily for _________, as evidenced by her class with Professor Roberts (Billy Zane):
7. Sara has to call Rebecca in the middle of the night when:
Sara gets lost walking in the city at night
She storms out of Stephen's after a fight
Sara feels like someone is following her when she's walking home
Tracy abandons Sara at a club
8. Sara has a tattoo. Where is it located?
Right above her heart
On the back of her neck
On her ankle
On the small of her back
9. The tattoo is:
Her ankle
A baseball player
The name of her dead sister
The word "Rebecca," oddly enough
10. Sara brings home a new pet (poor thing). It's:
An adorable kitten
A lovable puppy
A respectable ferret
A suspicious rat
11. Sara gets somewhat upset when Rebecca borrows something of hers without asking. What is the item?
A pen
A belt
A necklace
12. Sara gives Rebecca a pair of earrings. What's the big deal?
Rebecca's ears aren't pierced
Sara stole the earrings
The earrings belong to Tracy, and Tracy is pissed
Rebecca freaks out that the earrings are silver, not gold
13. Tracy decides to get on outta Dodge and transfer to another dorm after Rebecca attacks her in the showers and:
Tears out her earring
Tears out her belly ring
Beats her with the shower rod
Nearly electrocutes her
14. To decide if they should go to Stephen's or Sara, the two bet to see:
Who can hold their breath longer
Who can hang from monkey bars longer
Who can win a race
Who can skip a rock farther
15. Sara's friend Irene (Danneel Harris) suggests Sara move in with her. Aside from the extra closet space, what's the main attraction of the offer?
Sara would be able to keep her kitten
Rent would be cheaper
Irene's place is closer to Sara's classroom building
Irene's house has better parking
16. Cuddles the kitten meets its cruel end:
At the hands of a rabid dog
Thanks to Professor Roberts
In a dryer machine
In a busy street
17. Professor Roberts kisses Sara right after he:
Invites her to Paris
Discusses her grade with her
Comforts her about Sara's sister
Disses her design work
18. Rebecca's revenge against Professor Roberts includes:
A knife
A recorder
A coat rack
19. What does Rebecca do to convince Sara to come home for the holiday with her instead of Stephen?
Destroys Sara's cell phone
Implies that Stephen is cheating on her
Physically injures herself
Threatens Stephen
20. Rebecca's mother asks Sara if Rebecca is still on her medication. What kind of medication is Rebecca supposed to be taking?
Medication to help her with her substance abuse problem
Allergy meds, so it's no big deal
21. Rebecca's first encounter with Irene ends with:
The two making out in front of Sara
Rebecca setting Irene on fire
Rebecca stabbing Irene
The two going home together
22. Sara freaks the F out and decides to move in with Stephen when Rebecca gets a tattoo:
That's identical to the one Sara has
Of the dead kitten
Of Sara's name
Of Irene's name
23. Rebecca kills Sara's ex boyfriend Jason in a hotel room:
With a knife
With a gun
With a clock
With a pillow
24. When Sara arrives at Irene's for what proves to be the climatic scene of the movie, she finds Irene:
Tied up in bed
Bleeding on the floor
Dangling out a window
Drowning in a bath tub
25. This roommate situation is resolved when:
Rebecca promises to be good from here on out
Rebecca falls out a window
Rebecca is run over by a car
Rebecca is stabbed in the back

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