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How Well Do You Know: Bad Teacher
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1. As the film opens, Elizabeth Halsey is acknowledged on her last day at the school. Why is she leaving?
She's being fired
She's moving out of state
She's moving to a different school
She's marrying rich
2. Elizabeth's anticipated wedding is called off thanks to the influence of:
Her girlfriend
His ex-girlfriend
His mother
His sister
3. Elizabeth sets off on a quest for this cosmetic procedure:
Breast enhancement
Nose job
4. Elizabeth tells her friend and fellow teacher Lynn (Phyllis Smith) that she thought she was getting into teaching for all the right reasons. Which is not one of the things Elizabeth signed on for?
Shorter hours
Being worshiped by young horny guys
Summers off
No accountability
5. Russell Gettis (Jason Segel) teaches:
6. Elizabeth's explanations to her co-workers as to why she didn't get married involve:
He was unfaithful
She switched to lesbianism
He died
He became a priest
7. Elizabeth meets Scott Delacourt, whose family business is:
Making wine
Building yachts
Making watches
Running an NFL team
8. Elizabeth asks everyone from her ex-fiance to her grandmother for the money for her cosmetic surgery. She needs approximately this much:
9. Mr. Snur, the school principal, is a big, big fan of:
10. Elizabeth acts out of pure altruism as she volunteers to supervise:
A bake sale
Choir practice
A car wash
A carnival
11. Prior to the announcement of the standardized tests, Elizabeth's primary mode of teaching is:
Having the kids construct dioramas
Showing movies
Circulating magazines
The Socratic method
12. That damn annoying Amy Squirrel makes a play for Scott, also. She gives him a gift of a book, which just happens to be his favorite. What is it?
Water for Elephants
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
The Corrections
Eat Pray Love
13. In the scene that provided the signature moment for the film's trailer, Russell argues with a boy about LeBron vs. Jordan. What is the kid's name?
14. Getting baked with Elizabeth during the winter dance, Russell tries to impress Elizabeth with this feat of prowess:
Doing pushups
Climbing a rope
Doing a handstand
Doing wind sprints
15. A student invites Elizabeth to Christmas at her house when the student and her mother see Elizabeth:
Outside a liquor store
Stumbling out of a bar
At the school
At a laundromat
16. Who is in the band Period Five?
Both Rusell and Scott
That freaking Amy Squirrel
17. The song Scott sings to Amy Squirrel onstage mentions this word frequently:
18. The major reason that Elizabeth kicks her teaching into high gear as the standardized test approaches is:
For a cash reward
To impress Scott
To embarrass Amy
To get a promotion
19. Elizabeth uses __________ as an unorthodox teaching implement:
Rubber bands
20. Elizabeth poses as a ____________ when she meets with a man from the state standardized test office:
State auditor
College professor
Secret Service agent
21. Elizabeth sabotages Amy's apple with _________ so that she cannot go on the field trip:
Poison ivy
22. The field trip takes Elizabeth, Scott and the students to the home of:
Thomas Edison
Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Richard Nixon
23. To help an awkward student who embarrasses himself during the field trip, Elizabeth gives the boy:
Her bra
A kiss on the cheek
Strangely effective advice
A lurid voice mail message
24. Each of the following is key to Elizabeth clearing herself of the charges brought against her by Amy Squirrel, except for:
Photos of a half-naked man
A bumper sticker on a desk
A drug test
A desk drawer with a false bottom
25. When the next school year begins, Elizabeth is:
No longer at the school
The vice principal
The guidance counselor
The gym teacher

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