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How Well Do You Know: Pretty in Pink
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jaylinguang 8/5/14 4:15 pm


1. What's Duckie's real name?
2. What happened to Andie's mom?
She died in childbirth.
She died of breast cancer last year.
She left suddenly three years ago.
She ran off with Duckie's mom.
3. Iona's friend who suffers side effects from missing the prom does all of the following things as a result except:
Check her purse
Check her keys
Count her kids
Turns the car stereo way up
4. At what point do we first hear the Psychedelic Furs song that gave the movie its title?
During the opening credits
Not until the ending credits
When Duckie serenades Andie and Iona in Trax
While Andie is sewing her dress
5. And how many times do we hear the Psychedelic Furs song "Pretty in Pink" during the film?
Just that once
Three times
Four times
6. What kind of car does Andie drive?
BMW 2002
Mini Cooper
VW Karmann Ghia
VW Bug
7. The New Order song "Shell Shock" is heard in the film and appears on its official soundtrack. What other New Order song is in the film, but does not appear on its official soundtrack?
"Bizarre Love Triangle"
"What You Need"
"Love Vigilantes"
8. The "Richie" girls caught picking on Andie in class are assigned what sort of punishment?
They have to write summaries of classwork.
They're assigned detention.
They're disallowed from attending Prom.
They have to write Andie an apology letter.
9. What color is Andie's answering machine?
10. What artist's record does Andie tell Blane is "white hot" the first time he comes into Trax?
Lawrence Welk
Steve Lawrence
Chubby Checker
11. Who does Iona tell Blane she's talking to when he overhears her fighting with her boyfriend Tyrone on the telephone?
Blane's father
Her own father
Walter Mondale
Marlon Brando
12. How long have Duckie and Andie been best friends?
Fifteen years
Six years
Five years
Eight years
13. What actress who had a bit part in Pretty in Pink later had recurring roles on "Ugly Betty" and "Rescue Me"?
Gina Gershon
Rebecca Romijn
Callie Thorne
Salma Hayek
14. What song does Duckie dance and lipsynch to at Trax?
"Pretty in Pink"
"Pretty Woman"
"Try a Little Tenderness"
"I Say a Little Prayer
15. What band, whose name is also written on Molly Ringwald's character's notebook in Sixteen Candles, is seen performing live at Cats?
The Thompson Twins
The Rave Ups
Oingo Boingo
The Premieres
16. Duckie makes fun of Blane's name by saying that it's better suited for
a major appliance.
a car.
a horse.
a grandfather.
17. With whom does Duckie tussle in the hallway?
18. How does Duckie say Andie looks at prom?
19. How many dresses does Andie cannibalize to make her custom Prom dress?
20. What does Duckie do to show Andie he's over her?
Asks out a "Richie" girl
Kisses Iona
Stops riding his bike past her house
Gets drunk
21. What kind of store is next door to Trax?
Jewelry Store
Dry Cleaner
22. What kind of car does Blane drive?
23. What does Iona's new boyfriend do for a living?
He owns a jewelry store.
He owns a convenience store.
He owns a record store.
He owns a pet store.
24. What's Stef's girlfriend's name?
25. In the movie's opening scene, Andie's father asks her how mcuh her outfit cost her. How much did it cost her?
Nothing. She made it all herself.

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