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How Well Do You Know: Crazy, Stupid, Love.
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1. How many years had Cal (Steve Carell) and Emily (Julianne Moore) been married at the beginning of the movie?
20 years
22 years
25 years
28 years
2. When Cal and Emily blurt out what they each want for dessert, Emily asks for a divorce. Cal asks for what?
Baked Alaska
Creme Brulee
Chocolate Mousse
3. Kevin Bacon's character is named David _____, which Cal angrily spouts off several times in the bar because he slept with Emily.
4. The distance between Emily and Cal was so great that Emily admitted that she..."...went to go see the new ______ movie by myself, and it was so bad."
Katherine Heigl
Pirates of the Caribbean
Fast & Furious
5. Bernie, Jessica's dad, gives Cal a gift of what as a consolation of his and his wife's decision to side with Emily in the divorce?
a necktie
a dictionary
6. What drastic measure does Cal take so he no longer has to listen to Emily talk about/rationalize her affair?
turns the radio all the way up
plugs his ears and shouts "LALALALALALALA!!!"
pounds his head about the headrest
jumps out of the car
7. Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) tries to assess Cal in the bar and comes up with: "I don't know whether to help you or _______."
euthanize you
slap you
kill myself
become a monk
8. How did Cal's co-workers find out about his pending divorce?
Emily served him with papers at work
He was overheard crying in the bathroom
The copy girl saw him at the bar with another woman
His friend Bernie tells everyone
By way of explanation.....
"We all thought it was cancer."
9. What delicious mall food court treat does Jacob offer Cal before they start shopping?
Orange Julius
DQ Blizzard
Corn Dog on a Stick
10. What brand of sneaker does Cal wear to which Jacob ridicules him by asking, "Are you the billionaire owner of Apple Computers?"
New Balance
11. Sun Tzu would be proud...Jacob declares:"The war between the sexes is over. We won the second women started __________."
putting on their makeup to work out
showing up for The Bachelor
believing in fairy tales
doing pole dancing for exercise
12. After watching him pick up women for weeks, it's Cal's turn. Jacob uses a reference to what 80s movie to describe how he has taught Cal?
The Breakfast Club
Back to the Future
Top Gun
The Karate Kid
By way of explanation.....
"Wax on...wax off."
13. What is the phrase that Jacob uses every time to get the girl to go home with him, except with Hannah (Emma Stone)?
"Let me take you home"
"Let's get out of here"
"Can I take you out of here?"
"Let's finish this somewhere else"
14. When Cal meets Kate (Marisa Tomei) at the bar, he learns that she's a teacher and ________.
recently divorced too
five years sober
really drunk
works at Robbie's school
15. According to Cal, Emily is the perfect combination of ____ and ____, which he also foolishly uses to describe Kate while trying to seduce her.
sexy / cute
sexy / innocent
cute / sensual
adorable / attractive
16. In the middle of class, Cal and Emily's son Robbie rants about all the characters in which literary classic?
The Scarlet Letter
Pride and Prejudice
The Great Gatsby
Romeo & Juliet
17. In this discussion, what profane word does Robbie use to describe The Scarlet Letter's characters?
18. Meanwhile, Hannah has passed the bar exam and is eagerly anticipating what her boyfriend Richard (Josh Groban) has planned to make the night 'memorable.' What was Richard's plan?
to propose
to move into together
to offer her a job
to break up with her
19. Clearly a child of the 80s/90s films, Jacob gets a girl to reenact a scene from what movie to get her in bed?
9 1/2 Weeks
Sixteen Candles
Dirty Dancing
20. Despite actually having sex, Hannah and Jacob talk all night. During that time, he admits a penchant for what?
The Home Shopping Network
Pottery Barn
Bed, Bath & Beyond
21. When Jacob first meets Cal, he agrees to help him because he reminds him of 'someone'. Based upon Jacob's long conversation with Hannah, who is that 'someone'?
his father
his grandfather
his brother
22. Robbie loves Jessica and Jessica loves Cal. Both decide to take drastic measures to express their love. While Jessica impulsively takes naked pictures of herself to give to Cal, Robbie does what grand gesture?
fills her locker with roses
tries to kiss her while she is babysitting
builds a stage in the school courtyard to proclaim his love
steals his mom's car and drives up on her front lawn
23. What is Cal's advice to Jacob about meeting his new girlfriend's mother?
"Turn off the charm."
"Definitely, don't be yourself."
"Run the other way."
24. The centerpiece of Cal's miniature golf course reconstruction (and scene of a gigantic melee involving Cal, Bernie, Jacob and David) is a _________.
25. During that backyard brawl, who is the first one to punch David Lindhagen (we assume as retaliation for sleeping with Emily)?

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