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How Well Do You Know: Super 8
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1. The steel mill in Lillian, Ohio, is the first scene in the movie. How many days had it been since their last accident prior to the accident that killed Joe’s mom which set it back to ‘1’?
2. As everyone is in the living room and kitchen following his mother’s funeral, where is Joe?
in his room
outside on the swing alone
talking to his friends
playing with the dog
3. Instead of letting Joe spend the summer finishing Charles' zombie movie for the film festival, his dad, Jack, wants him to go to where?
his grandparents
summer school
baseball camp
military academy
4. Jack assures Joe that he likes all the boy’s friends, except for Cary. Why?
He was caught shoplifting
He looks like a criminal
He can’t stop setting things on fire
Joe lets him cheat off his school work
5. As the boys wait for Alice to pick them up to go film at the train station, they have a spirited singalong to what song?
My Sharona
Slow Ride
School’s Out
Heart of Glass
6. Which of these is NOT one of the three jobs on the film that Charles says are Joe’s duties?
special effects
7. In order to make his film better, Charles is constantly spouting off this two-word phrase:
more blood
production value
emotional attachment
suspend disbelief
By way of explanation.....
Cary: “Stop talking about production value, the Air Force is going to kill us.”
8. Using the oncoming train to raise the ‘production value,’ the kids are there for Dr. Woodward’s derailment of the train. How do the kids know Dr. Woodward?
local physician
town librarian
science teacher
9. In their haste to get away from the Air Force at the train crash site, the teens leave behind what item?
Joe’s makeup/effects kit
film boxes
boom mike
10. To not reveal the real reason why he is at her house, Joe tells Alice’s dad that he was _______.
talking about summer reading
asking her to tutor him
returning some books
inviting her to a party
11. Which one of the kids plays various zombies in their film, including one that is 'killed' with nails to the head?
the one with glasses
the one who ‘hasn’t leaned out’
the tallest one
the one with braces
By way of explanation.....
For the record, Martin is both the tallest and the one with glasses, Charles is the one who 'hasn't leaned out,' and Cary is the one with braces.
12. While shooting in the daylight with the wreckage in the distance as a background, Joe notices what that identifies all the train cars as being Air Force?
the hooks on top of each car
the types of hitches
the wheels are exclusively military
each car is painted with the USAF logo
13. When Sheriff Pruitt is attacked, dogs run away, the police lights turn on and off, and dumpster is thrown by. Why didn’t the attendant hear Pruitt being attacked?
he was stoned out back
he was listening to his new Walkman
he was in the store room
he was in the restroom
14. Speaking of spooked dogs, all the canines in Lillian have fled the town, including Joe’s. His dog shares a name with what Peanuts character?
15. Along with snatching people, the alien is stealing all sorts of mechanical and electrical equipment. Which of these is NOT a stolen/missing item shown or discussed?
telephone cables
car engines
microwave ovens
16. During the town hall meeting with Jack (now the acting Sheriff), paranoia sets in and the townspeople are set on the notion that it's the _______ doing this to their town.
17. Courtesy of eavesdropping on the radio channel the Air Force is using, Jack overhears chatter about an operation called ‘Walking _______.’
18. Inadvertently, Joe stumbles upon where he believes the alien is hiding/working. Where is that?
Cemetery garage
School maintenance shed
Fire Station
19. When finally talking to Alice about his mom, Joe says, "She used to look at me... this way, like really look... and I just knew I was there... that I _______."
was loved
20. When the alien cube Joe snagged comes to life and launches across the room, it knocks a hole in the wall and a poster on it's way to the water tower. What is the poster of?
Space Shuttle
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Keep on Truckin'
Night of the Living Dead
21. Who is the first person in Lillian to see the alien in person but not be snatched or killed?
Charles' sister Jen
Louis, Alice's dad
Vicki the police dispatcher
22. After the town is evacuated, the boys get Charles' sister Jen to talk stoner Donny into taking them back to the middle school. Joe thinks Woodward kept his files on the alien in his trailer nicknamed 'The ______' by students.
Hot Box
Trailer (The kids weren't very creative.)
23. Donny agrees to take them but he has two rules in his car: No shoes on the upholstery & Don't touch the what?
24. While reading Woodward's files, the boys learn that he was sympathetic to the alien, who only wanted to return to its home. What was the reason listed for Woodward's dishonorable discharge from the Air Force?
Drunk and disorderly
Subversive conduct
Conduct unbecoming an officer
25. Having escaped being detained, Jack frees Louis so they can find their kids. During the tense ride, Jack stops blaming Louis for his wife's death. He accepts that it was "_________."
an accident
a fluke
a series of unfortunate events
26. Joe and his friends are captured by Nelec at the school and being transported by bus back to the air base. Panic sets in that Nelec will kill them because they know too much but not for Charles. What does Charles say why Nelec won't kill them?
They're just kids
He will tell Nelec where the alien is
They will destroy the footage of the train crash escape
He doesn't finish his thought because the alien attacks the bus.
27. Amidst the misfiring military weapons, the teens end up in a house that is shot by a tank. Which of the boys breaks his leg as a result?
28. Similar to Woodward, Joe convinces the alien that he understands that it just wants to be able to go home. As its ship rebuilds, more metal is drawn to the water tower, including Joe's locket. What do we finally see is the picture in it?
Joe as a baby
Joe as a baby with his mom
Joe, Jack and his mom
Just his mom
29. During the credits, we get to see the finished film within the film. What is the name of their zombie movie?
The Incident
The Attack
The Case
The Menace
30. Charles pays homage to what horror film figure in ‘The Case’ by naming the evil chemical company ‘_______ Chemical.’

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