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How Well Do You Know: Gnomeo and Juliet
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1. For a movie that unashamedly copies from an existing source, it’s not surprising that the entire soundtrack is from the existing music catalog of what singer?
Billy Joel
Elton John
Barry Manilow
2. William Shakespeare takes place in the city of Verona, what is the ‘Verona’ in this film?
a street
the neighborhood name
duh…it’s the city
there is no ‘Verona’ reference in the film
3. The play had Montagues and Capulets feuding and this adaptation had the Blues and Reds feuding. What are the colorful names of the leaders of each ‘family’?
Lady Bluebird and Lord Redstone
Lady Bluebury and Lord Redbrick
Lady Bluesky and Lord Redknight
Lady Indigo and Lord Vermillion
4. A wisteria that Gnomeo’s dearly departed dad planted is the focal point for the Montague yard. What is used as a planter for the plant?
a fountain
a flower pot, of course
5. Lord Redbrick isn’t the brightest bulb and frequently misuses or misunderstands words. Which word that Lady Bluebury insults him with does he mistake for illegimate (“My parents were married!”)?
6. What word does Juliet’s father, Lord Redbrick, use to describe her that she finds insulting?
7. What gets destroyed in Tybalt and Gnomeo’s first lawnmover drag race?
Gnomeo’s mower
Tybalt’s mower
Benny’s hat
the fence separating the gardens
8. From her place atop the fountain, Juliet spies what type of flower on the old Lawrence place’s greenhouse that she is intent on getting to bring back to their garden?
a tulip
a rose
an orchid
a chrysanthemum
9. What does Juliet use to disguise herself as she goes on her mission to retrieve the orchid?
10. Despite going with Gnomeo to vandalize Tybalt’s mower, Benny decides to spray paint what in the Reds’ garden instead?
the fountain
the wishing well
the lawn
the fence
11. What item on the clothes line does Gnomeo use to escape the Reds’ garden by launching himself in the air?
a bra
Union Jack boxers
striped socks
12. Gnomeo and Juliet first meet atop the greenhouse and flirt playfully while in stealthy disguises. How do they discover their true identities?
By falling into a pond
They decide to remove their disguises at the same time
Tybalt tells Juliet who Gnomeo is
Their parents find them about to kiss
13. Juliet’s fountain plays what song that is directed-related to a Disney amusement park ride?
Zippity Doo Da
It’s a Small World
Wish Upon a Star
The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room
14. Juliet suggests meeting again at noon the next day but Gnomeo replies “Not soon enough.” Taking him literally, Juliet adjusts their rendezvous time to when?
15. Complete this variation on Shakespeare’s classic line from the original play that Featherstone the flamingo says: ”A ____ by any other name is still a ____.”
16. What is the Shakespearean name of the moving company in Featherstone’s flashback?
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Movers
Prospero’s Books-a-Movin’
Hamlet Home Movers
MacBeth Moving Company
17. When Ms. Montague is shopping the Internet for a new lawn mower, she ultimately picks the Kitten Clipper over what super-charged “weapon of grass destruction”?
Earth Scorcher
Blades of Fury
18. Who is the first one to discover that Gnomeo and Juliet have been secretly meeting up?
Lady Bluebury
19. Despite Juliet’s defense of him in Tybalt’s ‘death’, Gnomeo is chased into the street where he appears to be shattered. What was actually broken in the road?
a vase
a flower pot
a roofing shingle
a teapot
20. Shroom and Featherstone find Gnomeo just in time to return to see the war raging with Benny driving the Terrafirminator through both gardens. Why is Juliet unable to leave her spot on the fountain?
The steps have been destroyed
She is glued to the floor
The Reds are standing guard
Nannette convinces her to stay

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