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How Well Do You Know: Cars 2
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1. The film begins with a transmission of coordinates to Flint McMissile. Those coordinates lead to a/n:
An abandoned racetrack
A drilling platform
A car salvage yard
A canyon
2. When Flint first IDs Professor Zundapp, he states the Professor is a:
International thug
Opponent of alternative energy
Product of the Cold War
Weapons designer
3. Flint escapes his first encounter with the Professor and the other cars, even though he appears to have been done in by:
A machine gun
A gasoline explosion
A torpedo
A missile
4. Lightning McQueen has won this many Piston Cups:
5. Miles Axelrod turned to alternative fuels ran out of gas:
In a bad part of Los Angeles
Circumnavigating the globe
While first being test-driven
On a cross-desert rally race
6. The name of the big multi-country race run throughout the film is:
World Grand Prix
International Time Trials
Global Conquest Invitationals
Trans World Race of Champions
7. Meanwhile, the name of the alternative fuel developed by Sir Miles Axelrod is:
8. The countries in which a leg of the World Grand Prix is run do not include:
9. Mater mistakes wasabi for:
Pistachio ice cream
Lime sorbet
A celery smoothie
10. When Mater squeezes on stage between Sir Miles and Lightning, something embarrassing/suspicious happens, that has impact later in the film. Mater appears to:
Leak oil
Fog up his windshield
Drop his transmission
11. When the cars are in Japan, we get a glimpse of the following parts of Japanese culture, except for:
Sumo wrestling
High tech bathrooms
Kabuki theater
12. What are the makes of the two cars that attack Flint and Holley's American contact in the bathroom?
Yugo and VW Bug
Gremlin and Pacer
El Camino and Chevette
Vega and Pinto
13. What is shot from a TV camera-looking device that destroys cars running on Allinol?
Gamma rays
Concentrated solar rays
Beta rays
An electromagnetic pulse
14. The sportscaster whose likeness calls the action in the World Grand Prix is:
Bob Costas
Brent Musberger
Al Michaels
Joe Buck
15. Lightning loses the Japan race when he misconstrues Mater's advice to:
Move to the outside
Pit prematurely
Go easy on the gas
Drive backwards
16. When Mater, Holley and Flint see the photo of the engine of the evil mastermind car's, Mater remarks about this part, which proves to be key in eventually identifying the diabolical car:
The spark plugs
The bolts
The air filter
The radiator belt
17. Flint, Holley and Mater travel to this country to learn more about the mysterious car's part from Tomber:
18. The disguises and Mater's new disguise-rendering program provides include all of the following, except for:
German truck
Ice cream truck
Monster truck
Taco truck
19. As Mater talks about his disguises with Holley, he objects to this "defect" from being repaired:
His dents
His cracked windshield
His sagging bumper
His rust marks
20. What is significant about the second leg of the World Grand Prix?
Its course is the most dangerous ever set for a race
It's extremely short
It is run on Francesco's home racetrack
It was constructed exclusively for the Grand Prix
21. The name of the evil tow truck whose identity Mater assumes is:
22. After the Italian leg, Miles Axelrod states:
The race will be run and the cars will be required to run on Allinol
The final race will be run but the cars won't be required to run on Allinol
The final race will be canceled
The final race will be run but the cars will be banned from using Allinol
23. Mater escapes the gathering of the evil lemons in Italy via:
Zip line
24. Having been captured in Italy, Mater, Shiftwell and Flint wake up:
Under a bridge
In a clock
In a sea crate
On an abandoned dock
25. Before the final race, Miles Axelrod meets with Lightning and:
Warns him about the Professor
Warns him to stay away from Mater
Thanks him for being loyal
Tells him how he can win the race
26. The Professor's henchmen target Lightning with the camera gun from inside the clock, but Lightning isn't damaged. Why not?
The beams are deflected by the clock hands
Lightning moves behind a building
They are too far away
He's not running Allinol
27. Holley and Flint escape their doom in the clock when Holley:
Turns back time
Makes time speed up
Stops time
Makes a stitch in time
28. This device, which caused problems for Flint earlier in the film, complicates his efforts to apprehend the Professor:
Remote engine decellerant
A drawbridge
29. "Everything is __________ these days!"
Ball bearings
30. So, when all is said and done, who is the evil genius?
The Professor
Miles Axelrod
Flint McMissile
Holley Shiftwell

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