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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E09: The Trial of Leslie Knope
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1. April showing Ron __________ leads him to throwing him out his computer:
The CIA World Fact Book
Google Earth
Google Maps
Alta Vista
2. Chris says that both Leslie and Ben are __________ governmental employees right before he announces that they will be appearing before an ethics investigation
3. Leslie wants to get a feel for the room in which her trial will take place, so she arrives:
At 3:00 am
The night before
At 2:30 am
At 6:00 am
4. Ben presents Leslie with a gift of a stuffed doll resembling:
Susan B. Anthony
Madeline Albright
Lil Sebastian
Leslie Knope
5. What was the nickname of Marcus Everett Langley, Pawnee's greatest lawyer at the time?
Pizzaface Langley
Old Stoneface
Pockmark Marcus
6. If Chris doesn't maintain a very high dose of herbal remedies, he will:
Lose control of his bodily functions
*Literally* die of heartbreak
Resort to unpleasantries
Become depressed
7. Sarah Nelson Quindell was set adrift on Lake Michigan:
Publicly blowing a kiss to a suitor
Exposing her elbows outdoors
Whistling within 100 yards of a church
Letting a curl of her hair fall loose
8. As the special treatment Leslie received as the result of her relationship with Ben, she lists:
Sweet lullabies and dreamy scrapbooking time
Adorable nicknames and amazing backrubs
Warm slippers and soothing phone calls
Butterfly kisses and secret winks
9. When you sit back and let your reputation be destroyed, you go down in history as:
A shame monster
A civic venereal disease
A pussy bunion
A frozen whore
10. As proof of when her relationship with Ben started, Leslie produces:
A receipt from a skywriter
An email attachment
A signing telegram
A hilarious doodle
11. Rebuking the charge that he and Leslie had dated, Tom stated doing so would be like dating:
His older sister's elderly aunt
Someone you'd scam on after a Mouse Rat concert
His first grade teacher
One of the church ladies who invade the donut shop
12. Ron can tell Tammy II is in the building, because he can smell:
Rotting flesh
Stale vinegar
13. Chris's last witness is George Williams from:
City planning
Public Works
Sewage & Sanitation
The City Auditor's Office
14. Leslie reflects win Ron in front of a mural called:
Harlots and Heroes
Bad Pawnee, Good Pawnee
From Dark to Light and Back into Dark
River of Tears Waters the Valley of Freedom
15. The stenographer's recording of meeting between Chris and Ben contains a lot of:
Gleeful giggling
Muffled screams
Crying noises

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