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How Well Do You Know: 2011: The Year in Movies, Part II
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Question 24 answer in NOT Immortals
jonjon 12/24/11 10:40 am


1. Which of these was not in 3D:
Drive Angry
Fright Night
Green Lantern
2. Which of these sequels did not see a fourth installment or higher in 2011?
The Fast and the Furious
Final Destination
3. In this film, a man travels to France, loses his passport, has a car crash, develops amnesia, falls for a cab driver, stops an assassination and discovers his wife is not his wife. What did you do on vacation this year?
The Debt
4. In the movie Paul, who or what is Paul?
A blind writer
A disciple
A drummer
An extra-terrestrial
5. What is the true profession of The Mechanic?
Master Thief
He's a mechanic. Duh. Why is this even a question?
6. Who is the star of the movie with the subtitle Never Say Never?
Justin Bieber
Nicolas Cage
Sean Connery
Alex Pettyfer
7. In 2011 cinema, we learned that a week’s vacation from marriage is called a…
A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy
Hall Pass
Impending Divorce
Straw Dogs
8. Never mess with Rattlesnake Jake and his Gatling gun tail. This is the lesson learned in…
Hobo With a Shotgun
Spy Kids 4D: All the Time in the World
The Three Musketeers
9. What is the subtitle of the second Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie?
Crazy Dad Dancing
Crazy Mom Dancing
Rodrick Rocks
Rodrick Rules
10. Someone is able to astral project in their sleep, but they go too far into the Further and their body gets possessed or something like that. I don’t know. It’s that 2011 horror movie from the creator of Saw. What’s it called?
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Soul Surfer
11. Perhaps no Academy Award winning actress has ever sunk lower faster than Natalie Portman, when she went from receiving an Oscar in late February to starring in this cinematic atrocity in early April.
Conan the Barbarian
The Dilemma
Mars Needs Moms
Your Highness
12. A student from Cornell winds up moonlighting as an animal doctor and cuckolding a small business owner in…
The Conspirator
Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family
Water for Elephants
13. 2011 had waaaaaay too many wedding movies. Which of these is not a real 2011 wedding film?
Bride Wars
Jumping the Broom
Something Borrowed
14. Even if you haven’t seen the movie but only caught the commercials, you know that the new creatures in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides are…
15. In this movie, Shen the peacock has returned to Gongmen City and this time he has brought a cannon, a kaboom of doom, and only the Furious Five can stop him.
Cowboys and Aliens
Kung Fu Panda 2
The Smurfs
16. What did Judy Moody have?
Carnal Knowledge of Tyler Perry
One Ugly Baby
A Not Bummer Summer
A Webcam
17. In a strange quirk of box office scheduling, two stars of this foreign film had lead roles in different Hollywood blockbusters that opened the week before a remake of their title made its debut:
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
The Mechanic
18. Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell aid in the battle against the malevolent Professor Zündapp in this movie:
The Adventures of Tintin
Cars 2
Larry Crowne
The Zookeeper
19. In the least likely moment in 2011 cinema, a talking gorilla in this movie wonders aloud if the TGI Friday’s restaurant is as incredible as it looks (we’re not making this up):
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
We Bought a Zoo
The Zookeeper
20. In Cowboys and Aliens, which one was the alien?
Daniel Craig's character
Harrison Ford's character
Olivia Wilde's character
None of the above. They were all cowboys.
21. Jane Lynch filmed scenes for, but was glaringly omitted from:
Bad Teacher
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie
Horrible Bosses
No Strings Attached
22. Carlos Pena doesn’t do a damn thing wrong, but he still gets traded in…
The Change-Up
I Am Number Four
Something Borrowed
23. Which holiday are Harold & Kumar celebrating this time?
Arbor Day
Slutty Halloween
24. Look, we don't mean to be sticklers regarding logic, but why is 27-year-old Olivia Wilde portraying 30-year-old Justin Timberlake's mother in this film, where people never age past 25 anyway?
The Adjustment Bureau
In Time
Source Code
25. The stars of the low-budget Robert Rodriguez film Desperado are reunited in this $130 million project.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Puss in Boots
The Rum Diary
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World 4D

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