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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Bart the Daredevil
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Live from the Springfield Centre for the Performing Arts, the wrestling match of the century! Who are the wrestlers?
Godzilla Malone and Jock “the Croc” Roberts
Greg “the Maniac” Hammer and Clyde the Deranged Dentist
Rasputin the Friendly Russian and Professor Werner von Brawn
Andre the Genius and the Mighty Shabu-Shabu
Rasputin has the reach, but the professor has his patented:
gorilla press
coma lock
guillotine choke
anaconda hold
This Saturday,for one night only, your life will be changed forever at the Springfield Speedway? Who is not performing in the year’s biggest monster truck rally?
Mike “Cowboy” Whitaker
Don “Crusher” Woodard
John “the Skunk” Trumane
the Team Tomomatsu Dirtbiking Dunkmasters
Lisa’s music recital is that Saturday and if Homer misses it, he’d better start looking for a child therapist on Sunday. What is the first piece played at the recital?
the 1812 Overture, by Tchaikovsky
Requiem, by Mozart
Air on the G-Strong, by Bach
Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony
The Simpsons’ car is eaten by Truckasaurus. Where does Marge put the insurance check?
her purse
her pocket
her hair
her bosom
The world's greatest daredevil, the man who's no stranger to danger, if he's not in action, he's in traction... Captain Lance Murdoch will risk a grizzly death by leaping over a tank of water containing all of the following except:
man-eating great white sharks
ravenous piranhas
bone-crushing anacondas
the king of the jungle, one African lion
Dr Hibbert introduces Bart to children who have been hurt by stunts they saw on television, movies and the legitimate stage. At the hospital are all of the following are:
a boy who broke his leg trying to fly like Superman
a boy whose brother hit him in the head with a wrench, mimicking a recent TV wrestling match
a boy who cut his face trying to crack a whip like Indiana Jones
the patients being treated in the Three Stooges ward
Inspired by Lance Murdoch, Bart successfully does all of the following stunts on his skateboard, except:
jumping the pool
jumping several dogs
jumping over Homer
jumping over Groundskeeper Willie’s tractor
Bart decides to jump Springfield Gorge on his skateboard. Why does Otto think about Springfield Gorge?
that one day he would like to jump it while driving the school bus
that you could throw a dead body in there and no one would ever find it
that it is so gnarly to have one of the seven wonders of the world right here in Springfield
that it’s just like in those cartoons, where that dumb dog chases after that big purple chicken
Lance Murdoch has broken every bone in his body. The last one to break was his:
right thumb-bone
sixth cervical vertebra
left pinkie toe-bone
Bones heal. Chicks dig scars. And the United States of America has the best doctor-to-daredevil ratio in the world! What is another fringe benefit of daredevilry?
world travel
sponge baths
ice cream and Jell-O
Homer goes upstairs to see Bart, only to find he has already left for Springfield Gorge. What game was Homer planning to play with Bart?
Homer has tried all of the following to keep Bart from jumping Springfield Gorge, except:
ordering him
punishing him
reasoning with him
watching his every move
What does Homer say to Bart after he’s convinced his son not to try jumping Springfield Gorge?
“Son, I always knew you were a good boy. I can’t believe I almost had to jump the gorge to prove...”
“You know boy, I don’t think I’ve ever felt as close to you as I do right...”
“Thank you son. Stopping me from going through with this crazy idea just shows how much you love...”
“I’m glad we had this talk, boy. Lately I’ve felt we’ve been drifting apart...”
How many times does Homer fall down Springfield Gorge?
three times

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