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How Well Do You Know: My Cousin Vinny
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1. The events in the film take place in what southern state?
2. What was Judge Haller's first name?
3. What was the name of the store that Billy and Stan visited right before the clerk was killed?
The Sac O Suds
Great Deals N More
The County Store
4. The police thought Billy confessed to the murder, when he was actually fessing up to stealing an item from the store. What did he take without paying?
A candy bar
A can of beans
A can of tuna
A magazine
5. How did a Beecham County local diagnose the problem with Vinny's car as he rolled into town?
A thrown Johnson rod
Mud in his tires
A blown carburetor
Gyroscopic failure
6. Upon their meeting in the jail cell, Stan mistook Vinny as:
A prison guard
A prisoner with cruel, err.....amorous intentions in mind
Billy's brother
A reporter
7. The trial in the film was Vinny's "first foray into the trial process." How long had Vinny been practicing law?
Six years
Six months
Six weeks
Sixteen years
8. What were the choices on the menu of the restaurant where Vinny and Lisa ate?
Fried/Raw/Still Wigglin'
9. In addition to the fates of Billy and Stan, what else hung on the outcome of the trial?
Vinny would be able to pay off his law school loans if he won
Vinny would be accepted in his father-in-law's firm if he won
Vinny and Lisa would marry after Vinny won his first case
Vinny would be fired from his firm if he lost
10. When being interviewed by Judge Haller, how did Vinny describe his success in murder trials?
Win some, lose some
Only the guilty ones fried
They were all slam-dunks
I've never lost a case
11. The public defender seemed competent enough outside of the courtroom. During the trial, though, what nervous habit did he display?
He sweated profusely
He stuttered uncontrollably
He had a severe facial tick
He lost control of his bodily functions
12. How did Lisa try to get the money to get Vinny out of jail?
Taking a job as a waitress
Hustling pool
Robbing a bank
Panhandling outside the prison
13. Vinny partook in what bonding activity with Trotter the prosecutor?
Watching college football
14. When Judge Haller found out that Vinny had never practiced law in New York, Vinny told him that he practiced law under this stage name:
Jerry Gallo
Max Litigator
John Smith
Robert Krovich
15. What misfortune followed the night that Vinny and Lisa spent in the car?
Lisa left Vinny
Vinny's car would not start
Vinny got his clean suit muddy
Vinny got lost on the way to the courtroom
16. What was Vinny's opening statement?
They didn't do nothin'
Drunken hicks of the jury.....
Go ahead, find 'em guilty, I dares ya.
Everything that guy just said is bullsh!t. Thank you
17. Vinny was able to debunk the testimony of the first witness, Mr. Tipton, on the grounds of the cooking time of what breakfast item?
18. How many fingers did Vinny hold up each time he tested the eyesight of Mrs. Riley?
19. Which of the following did not wake Vinny as he slept at night?
A car alarm
An owl
A steam whistle
20. How many times was Vinny found in contempt and thrown in jail?
21. On the stand, what did Lisa give as her occupation?
An automotive expert
A former car mechanic
Out-of-work hairdresser
A ring girl
22. To add a bit of tension to the otherwise humorous goings-on, the script makes occasional reference to a man about to be executed at the prison. What was his name?
23. My Cousin Vinny is the source of one of our favorite urban legends in filmdom. What is the rumor that refuses to be debunked?
The body of a man who had just hung himself on set can be seen through the courthouse windows
The presenter read the wrong name when awarding Marisa Tomei her Supporting Actress Oscar
Joe Pesci OD'd on coke during production and was clinically dead for several minutes
Tom Cruise was originally cast as Vinny
24. Vinny won the case on the testimony of Lisa when she determined that while Stan and Billy drove a ____________, the murderers drove a _______________.
Cadillac Coupe DeVille / AMC Rebel
Buick Skylark / Pontiac Tempest
Ford Thunderbird / Mercury Cougar
Chevrolet Belair / Plymouth Fury
25. Beginning with the opening arguments, how many days did the trial actually last?

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