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How Well Do You Know: Batman: Arkham City
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I would've gotten 25 but i hit thw wrong thing 2 times, I'm dumb
Number1batmanfan 3/16/12 5:22 pm

Add me on PSN: DanielleDart
Number1batmanfan 3/16/12 5:22 pm

Btw, Azrael doesn't have a lightning fist, it's a fire sword, but anybody would know that if you ate, breathed, and dreamed about Batman since you were 3 like me
Number1batmanfan 3/16/12 5:25 pm

-_- sooo, anyone out there? David Mumpower? No?
Number1batmanfan 3/16/12 5:26 pm

How about Chris Brown, you Rihanna punching son of a...
Number1batmanfan 3/16/12 5:26 pm

I'm sorry, getting off topic, I'm just bored
Number1batmanfan 3/16/12 5:27 pm

David, you should have put a question about the Scarecrow Hideout, or calender man escaping and the two face thug that's hung in his cell
Number1batmanfan 3/16/12 5:28 pm

Question 19 is incorrect, when Hugo Strange is about to die he says to the computer activate Protocol 11 Password: Wayne,Gotham Savior is the password that you use on the cryptographic sequencer to the the door that was blocking Batman from Hugo Strange, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT
ISHMAC 101 10/16/12 10:06 am


1. Batman implants a lady ninja with a tracking device, but this superhero shows up to try and save the day anyway.
Black Canary
Green Arrow
2. At the start of the game, Batman is incapacitated by which member of his rogues gallery?
The Scarecrow
Hugo Strange
Victor Szasz
3. Strange (did you get it right?) reveals a shocking piece of information. What is it?
Barbara Gordon has been working against Batman for some time.
Commissioner Gordon has been assassinated.
He is actually a woman.
He knows Batman's true identity.
4. Supervillains always have a doomsday plan. What is the name of the one Strange mentions?
Formula X
Pretty simple, really. It's called "Doomsday Plan."
Protocol 10
Tyrant Virus Activation
5. With the Joker out sick, warring factions of these two crime lords battle for control of the city:
Bane and Ra's al Ghul
The Riddler and Scarface
The Scarecrow and Clayface
Two-Face and The Penguin
6. The Penguin appears to violate some unwritten rule for supervillains by taking one of his opponents prisoner - and adding insult to injury, he also steals their costume. Who does the Penguin humiliate?
Mr. Freeze
Poison Ivy (good news, everyone!)
7. Catwoman is a playable character this game, answering the pleas of horny fanboys everywhere. After she picks up a few things at her apartment, she drops by for a visit with this fellow costumed lady
Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy
8. The Cold Call Killer side quest involves a strange combination of covering vast distances of Arkham City and listening to a maniac rant on the phone. Who is Lucky Caller #1-5?
Maxie Zeus
Simon Hurt
Solomon Grundy
Victor Zsasz
9. Do you like ballistics trajectory research? Sure, we all do. This villain's side quest is for all the CSI/physics fans out there.
10. There is this one annoying crazy dude who stalks Batman on rooftops, punches the ground with some sort of lightning fist, and then scorches weird symbols into the concrete as he vanishes. Who is that masked man?
11. Wonder City is the home of a bunch of lady ninjas and this supervillain:
Black Mask
Poison Ivy
Ra's al Ghul
Red Hood
12. Talia informs Bruce that he must be willing to take a life to save the world. What does she call the series of challenges that take him to that final point?
Demon Trials
Devil's Dowry
Heaven's Trail
Immortal Run
13. Let's talk Gotham 2011 election. Who's the new mayor of Gotham City?
Harvey Dent
Anthony Garcia
Quincy Sharp
Sideshow Bob
14. You know that crazy ex stalker of yours who keeps bombarding you with phone calls until you finally have to block their signal? First of all, I'm sorry about that. I've been working through some stuff. Batman has one of those in Arkham City. Who is it that keeps "ring ring" -ing Batman at the worst possible moments?
Harley Quinn
The Joker
The Penguin
15. One of the most difficult bosses in the game has the ability to adapt to Batman's attacks, meaning that the same one will not work more than once. Who is this villain?
Mr. Freeze
16. Snipers take an unhealthy interest in a person whose helicopter has been recently shot down. Who is the person?
Mike Engel
Jack Ryder
Vicki Vale
17. Why do bad things happen to nefarious supervillains? Hugo Strange meets an untimely demise when he is run through with a sword by this former ally:
Harley Quinn
Ra's al Ghul
The Penguin
Talia al Ghul
18. After Ra's Al Ghul kills Hugo Strange (did you get it right?), the next person he runs through with a sword is:
Bruce Wayne
Talia Al Ghul
That one lady ninja who pops up a lot but is never given a name. We're calling her Candy
By way of explanation.....
He stabs himself to get to Batman, but the sword definitely goes through Ra's first.
19. What is the password for Protocol 11?
Gotham Savior
LOL Bomb
Nolan Dini
20. Deadshot has three remaining targets when you find his PDA. Which of these is not among them?
Bruce Wayne
Jack Ryder
Vicki Vale
21. Who is the Joker's hostage, a person he refers to as his "lead actress?"
Talia al Ghul
Vicki Vale
22. The Monarch Theater is showing an instant classic of a movie. What is the title?
The Dark Knight
Joker the Immortal
Star Wars
Titan: A Love Story
23. After Talia runs the fake Joker through with a sword (where are they getting all these swords, anyway), his true identity is revealed. Who is it?
Hugo Strange
Killer Croc
Ra's al Ghul
24. Believe it or not, there are still swords involved in the game. Who does Batman use a sword against in a boss fight?
Killer Croc
Robo Joker
Talia al Ghul
25. As the credits play, the player is serenaded with the Joker's rendition of:
Baby Got Back
Everybody Loves a Clown
I Hate Myself for Loving You
Only You

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