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How Well Do You Know: Horrible Bosses
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1. Which of the following correctly matches the employee with his horrible boss:
Nick (Jason Bateman) - Bobby Pellitt (Colin Farrell)
Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) - Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey)
Dale (Charlie Day) - Julia Harris, D.D.S. (Jennifer Aniston)
None of the above are correct
2. At the beginning of the film, Nick Hendricks is catching heck from Dave Harken for:
Parking in his space
Being two minutes late
Being 15 minutes early, instead of 20 minutes early
Not closing an account ruthlessly enough
3. Meanwhile, when Dale was growing up, he always wanted to be a:
Superhero crimefighter
Middle man
4. Kurt and his original boss Jack Pellitt are extra considerate of Margie, a woman at work, who may or may not be:
African American
Allergic to soap
5. Dave Harken gets Nick to do this, somewhat against his will:
Drink early in the morning
Do a line of coke
Spy on a coworker
Divulge his email password
6. Though he is continually harassed by his boss Julia, Dale has few other employment options, because he committed this infraction:
Walked out of a swimming pool dressing room without his trunks
Urinated in a playground at night
Mooned an elementary school
Accidentally wandered into a hospital newborn ward
7. Denied the promotion he assumes he's going to get, Nick fantasizes that Dave meets this horrific end:
Being thrown down an elevator shaft
Being burned alive
Being crushed by a steamroller
Being thrown out a high window
8. Dave Harken openly mocks Nick for:
The term of endearment that he uses for his grandmother
The way he ties his tie
Wanting to see his parents on a holiday
Sending flowers to his aunt
9. Bobby Pellitt wants Kurt to fire employees who are either:
Too short or too tall
Overweight or disabled
Hispanic or African American
Dudes who aren't cool or chicks who aren't do-able
10. Julia locks Dale in her office with her while she is:
Watching a porno
Wearing nothing under her coat except panties
On the toilet
Smoking a joint
11. Dale resists the idea of killing his boss until Julia shows him pictures:
In which he is apparently molesting a patient
Of him at a party that were posted online
Which are clearly photoshopped of him at Julia's house
Taken while she was doing dental work on him
12. Dale commits somewhat of a blunder when he hires someone for "wetwork." Who plays the contractor who is decidedly not a hitman?
Ioan Gruffudd
Johnny Knoxville
Owen Wilson
Rainn Wilson
13. The man who talks to the guys over NavGuide has a name that is impossible to pronounce. So he goes by:
Allan, or possibly Allen
14. Motherf'er Jones' birthname isn't actually Motherf'er. Instead, he shares a name with this other famous Jones:
Davy Jones
Dean Jones
Shirley Jones
James Earl Jones
15. The guys deliver the payment of ____________ to Motherf'er Jones in a ____________:
$10,000 / brown paper bag
$15,000 / duffel bag
$5,000 / briefcase
$1,000 / old wallet
16. When Motherf'er Jones, the newly hired murder consultant, suggests they kill each other's bosses, Kurt likens the plan to Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, which, according to Dale, starred:
Yahoo Serious
Paul Hogan
Danny DeVito
Zac Effron
17. The guys first do recon on Bobby Pellitt's house. Kurt and Nick successfully enter through the ___________ - Dale, not so much.
Garage door
Front door
Side sliding glass door
Bay window
18. As Nick and Dale tend to the cocaine they find at Bobby's, Kurt befouls his boss's:
Personal care implements
19. Kurt steals this from Bobby's house, which eventually leads to Bobby's demise:
Work ID
Driver's license
Martial arts credentials
20. While Kurt and Nick break into Dave Harken's house, Dale does a lousy job of being a lookout, but inadvertently discovers Dave's deadly allergy to:
Cat hair
Bee stings
21. Dave Harken's house has a surprising number (or is it just one?) of:
Breakable vases
Nude portraits
Nanny cams
22. Dave Harken shoots Bobby Pellitt dead:
Outside Bobby's office
In front of Bobby's house
In Dave's bedroom
Outside a strip club
23. Kurt's plan to kill Julia is complicated by the fact that:
He slept with her
He realizes that he's related to her
His conscience bitch-slaps him
The police spotted him parked outside her house
24. The guys are nabbed by the police thanks to:
A recording made by the NavGuide system
A traffic camera photo
A threatening letter written by Nick
A description of Kurt provided by Julia
25. Motherf'er Jones hasn't ever actually murdered anyone. Instead, he did a dime for:
Falsification of his timesheet
Video piracy
Insider trading
Rebroadcasting Major League Baseball games without the expressed written consent of the Commissioner's Office
26. Who wears the wire to record Dave Harken's confession?
Motherf'er Jones
27. Dave Harken hates:
Wussy cars
28. Kurt, who wears the wire, isn't present for the confession because he is:
Doing Harken's wife
Locked in the car
Talking to the NavGuide
Poisoning Harken's shampoo
29. As Harken confronts the guys at gunpoint, he repeats a motto used earlier in the movie about:
A marathon and Band-Aids
Heartburn and Draino
The Indianapolis 500 and coffee
A hair dryer and a tub of water
30. At the end of the film, who has become the (acting) boss?
None of them

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