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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E08: Smallest Park
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1. At the outset, Chris and Tom agree that Jerry is the __________ on the New Font Project:
Creative whatever
Man behind the man
Assistant to the assistant director
2. Smallest Park will be built on the site from which a _________ was removed:
A pay phone
A fire hydrant
A directional kiosk
The Pawnee Civic Pride Pavilion
3. Terryville sucks old car tires, and so does ..... no, he was one of the greatest men in history:
Larry Bird
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jesus Christ
4. There's little resistance from the committee, primarily because there was no __________ on the park:
Cost-benefit analysis
Troublesome surveying
Zoning oversight commission
Environmental impact study
5. Of all of his co-workers, Andy is one of the few that Ron:
Does not actively root against
Does not wish bodily harm
Looks at as a distant, distant, distant relative
Thinks offers a glimmer of hope for a Swansonesque future
6. The only good font, according to Tom, is the one from:
True Blood
The Office
The Sopranos
7. "For what it's worth, I think you'd be an incredible ________ - Ron Swanson."
Freedom fighter
Anti-government revolutionary
8. Intent to drag out the park's development, Leslie invites you to the grand opening of Smallest Park, coming on November 12:
9. At the hearing, one of the Pawneeans is very wary of the park being associated with:
Street food
10. Andy makes his course selection at random, and winds up in Womens' Studies, where he and April are transfixed by the tale of:
Harriet Tubman
Susan B. Anthony
Joan of Arc
Mary Todd Lincoln
11. Trying to whip up controversy about the park, Leslie circulates brochures stating the park will feature ___________ every night at midnight:
Salsa dancing
Public demonstrations
12. Andy doesn't have the $940 for a ticket to women, so he plans to:
Beg for money on the street like a drug addict
Finally go along with the other members of Mouse Rat and totally sell out
To sell his blood, as long as it's not more than a gallon a day
Allow April to develop her topless one-woman show at the Snakehole lounge
13. Tom gets the idea for the Parks and Recreation redesign from:
A woodcarving on Ron's desk
Donna's description of Saturday morning cartoons
A retro Jay-Z video
Jerry's original ID card
14. One thing that Ron promised himself when he buried gold in his back yard is:
To never let the government get its hands on it
To never be a miser about it
To give it to anyone not named Tammy
To use it to prevent someone from doing something indescribably stupid
15. On his first day of class, Andy tells the professor that women should be taught about each of the following, except for:
The proper way to heat up a TV dinner
Empowering prostitution

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