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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E07: The Treaty
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1. Leslie and Ben are these two nation-states for Model UN in the episode:
Iceland and Argentina
Mexico and South Korea
Vatican City and Colombia
Denmark and Peru
2. According to Andy, this country has never been the bad guys:
North Korea
Motherless Russia
3. Meanwhile, April wants to base her participation on this decidedly non-country entity, or she'll quit:
The oceans
The moon
4. Ron has to do these to his toenails every two weeks, as they're too strong for clippers.
Burn them down
Sand them down
Pull them out
Laser them off
5. Ron has spotted Tom spraying cologne samples at:
The Quick Stop
Pawnee Emporium
6. Chris wants to launch this type of endeavor to determine why Millicent hasn't returned his phone calls:
Full-scale investigation
Blue-ribbon panel
Fact-finding committee
Sarcasm-less inquest
7. Ron interviews an old man named Courtney for Tom's job. Courtney spent a good deal of time in this country, where ethnic girls grow on trees:
Red China
8. Leslie wants Ben to tread water while she is pulled away from Model UN for:
A photo op
A meet-n-greet
A ribbon cutting
An interview with Perd Hapley
9. Andy acquires an impressive number of these from other countries' delegates:
10. What does interviewee Keith want to get out of Tom's job?
One month of money
Some quality tail
Political contacts
Free snacks
11. "The only thing I'll be waiving is:"
Your lifeless corpse from a flagpole
Your severed limbs to lead the band at your funeral procession
Your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother
A white flag of surrender followed by the red flag of Gotcha, Suckas!
12. Before Ben and Leslie derail the conference, the Model UN was pursuing a solution to this world-wide problem:
Population control
Depletion of natural resources
Why are boys so mean
13. When Ben is upset, he becomes a really bad roommate. Like, as April suggests, he:
Takes really long sadness baths
Blasts whiny emo music
Hogs all the comforters to build his own pillow forts
Mopes around with demented the melancholy of a Tennessee Williams heroine
14. If you rearrange the letters in Peru, you can spell:
15. As Ben and Leslie reach detente, Ben regrets telling Leslie a fantasy about:
Elle McPherson baking him cupcakes
Cindy Crawford giving him a nude pedicure
An army of female wizards led by Carol Alt
Kathy Ireland doing naked aerobics

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