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How Well Do You Know: Ernest Saves Christmas
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1. Santa Claus meets a nice man in the airport who tells him what he really wants for Christmas. What does the man want and receive by the end of the movie?
To see his children
To see a real reindeer
To find his brother
2. What is Ernest's job at the beginning of the film?
Airport baggage handler
Shuttle bus driver
Airport security
A taxi driver
3. When we first see Harmony Starr, she's running away from the scene of a crime. What did Harmony do?
Dine and dash
Stole money
4. Joe used to have a television show called Uncle Joey's Treehouse. What lessons did he try to instill in his viewers?
Hope and heart
Please and thank you
Love and loyalty
Vegetables and vitamins
5. Why does Ernest get fired from his job?
He breaks out the cab's windows again
He gets complaints from customers again
He is late to work again
He gives too many free rides
6. Ernest goes over Vern's house and trashes it. Specifically, he:
Lights Vern's couch on fire
Pulls the wires out of the walls
Bursts the water pipes
Knocks large holes through the ceiling
7. What name does everyone start addressing Santa Claus by?
8. What happens when someone tries to reach into Santa's sack?
They pull out exactly what they wanted
They pull out coal
They pull out random items
The sack is empty
9. When Santa is in jail with the hardened criminals, he manages to get them to:
Make Christmas ornaments
Perform a Christmas play
Recite The Night Before Christmas poem
Sing Christmas carols
10. Ernest busts Santa out of jail by pretending to work for:
The governor
A lawyer
The mayor
11. Harmony pretends to be Mindy, who is writing a school book report on what?
Prisoners and their crimes
How government really works
What the law is like
The criminal justice system
12. Santa, being Santa, knows what Harmony's real name is. What is Harmony's real first name?
13. Who does Ernest pretend to be to find information on Joe's agent Marty?
Marty's lawyer
Marty's girlfriend
Marty's mother
A IRS agent
14. Chuck and Bobby are holding the reindeer for helper elves. Chuck decides the reindeer are really what?
Large dogs
15. "You want one fer ya boy?" What is Ernest offering the movie studio's gatekeeper?
A snake
A giant cockroach
A spider
An alligator
16. Joe is not happy about his role in a movie in which children are terrorized on Christmas. What is the name of the movie?
Black Christmas
Santa Claws
Christmas Slay
Twas the Fright Before Christmas
17. What is the reason Santa gives Joe why he can't be Santa anymore?
He's getting too old
He's dying
He is no longer magical
He's can't remember things
18. Why does Ernest initially have to drive the sleigh?
He wrecked the delivery van
He ran the delivery van over a spike strip
The delivery van was out of gas
He knocked the elves out unconscious
19. Where does Ernest get the sleigh stuck while he was driving it?
In the ocean
On top a mountain
In space
In traffic
20. Ernest cannot remember the name of which reindeer?

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