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How Well Do You Know: Little Shop of Horrors
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1. Within the first three minutes of the movie the audience can tell that Seymour is extremely ____.
2. Seymour, Audrey and all their neighbors sing a song about the miseries of living _____.
In the ghetto
In the slums
3. Customers by the dozen come into Mr. Mushnik's shop to see the ____ plant in the window.
Strange and interesting
Peculiar and amazing
Unusual and fascinating
Bizarre and remarkable
4. Seymour claims he found Audrey II after what natural occurrence?
A bolt of lighting
Total eclipse of the sun
A meteor shower
Total eclipse of the moon
5. What cute endearing pet name does Seymour call Audrey II?
6. Seymour discovers Audrey II drank blood after what incident?
He cuts himself on broken glass
He gets a sliver
He cuts himself with scissors
He pricks his finger on a thorn
7. John Candy played a radio DJ who goes by which name?
Weird Wink
Crazy Carl
Wacky Walt
Strange Stan
8. Audrey misses Seymour's radio broadcast, but shows up at Mr. Mushnik's with what new injury?
A cut on her cheek
Her arm in a cast
A fat lip
A black eye
9. Audrey tells Seymour she would be seen out in public with Seymour. Where does she say she will go with him on a date?
To the movies
Walking in the park
Out to dinner
10. Audrey dreams of a happier life with Seymour, somewhere that's green. In her fantasy she cooks her wonderful family what for supper?
A TV dinner
A pot roast
Peanut butter sandwiches
A meatloaf
11. Mr. Mushnik wants to asks Audrey, "What kind of professional rides a motorcycle and wears a black leather jacket?" Who is Audrey dating?
A veterinarian
A ophthalmologist
A dentist
A pharmacist
12. Orin DDS admits he did naughty things when he was a kid. What *doesn't* he cop to doing as a child?
Shooting puppies with a BB gun
Poisoning guppies
Bashing pussy cats in the head
Flushing hamsters down the drain
13. Audrey II admits to Seymour he only eats blood and it must be ____.
14. Seymour finally decides Orin must be killed when he witnesses him slapping Audrey. Why is Orin so mad at Audrey?
She made him drop his giggle gas
She messed up his hair
She forgot the handcuffs
She knocked over his motorcycle
15. Bill Murray plays a strange sexual deviant who has a thing for dentists. When the pain is oh so good, what does he scream out?
I'm gonna get a candy bar
I've been a bad boy
Is that all you got
I want my lollipop
16. When Seymour threatens Orin's life with a gun, Orin response by saying what to Seymour?
Why are you doing this?
So what's your problem?
What did I ever do to you?
What do you want from me?
17. The sadistic dentist Orin actually dies from what?
He hit his head when he fell
An overdose
He was accidentally impaled
Seymour shooting him
18. Audrey says to Seymour, "If Orin was dead it wouldn't be terrible at all, it would be _____."
A dream come true
What I hoped for
A miracle
19. Audrey says she met Orin in a bad place. Where does she say she met that bad man?
The Hole
The Rat's Nest
The Gutter
The Dump
20. What does Mr. Mushnik say he saw Seymour doing to Orin?
Feeding him to Audrey II
Dragging him across the floor
Killing him
Chopping him up
21. Jim Belushi plays Patrick Martin, who wants what from Seymour?
Samples of Audrey II
Pictures of Audrey II
To interview him
To give Seymour his own show
22. Audrey II admits to Seymour that he comes from where?
Outer space
Over the rainbow
Back in time
The dark forest
23. Audrey II claims to be a mean green _______ from outer space, who's bad.
24. How is Audrey II killed?
Seymour hits him with an axe
By electrocution
Seymour impales him
The roof caves in on him
25. Where do we see another Audrey II at the end of the movie?
In a widow box on Seymour's house
In Seymour's vegetable garden
In Seymour's flower bed
Growing in the woods next to Seymour's house

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