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How Well Do You Know: The Exorcist
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1. What is an anagram for the actress who played Regan?
Filmed Ski
Ribald Nail
Inch My Nod
No My Neck Can
2. The film opens with an enigmatic series of scenes featuring Father Merrin on a dig. In what country was the opening set?
The film does not specify
3. The majority of the film is set in the neighborhood around this Jesuit university, where Father Karras works:
Holy Cross
Boston College
4. Chris MacNeil, Regan's mother, has what occupation?
5. Early in the film, Regan's mother comes across what item that her daughter found in a closet:
A Ouija board
A voodoo doll
An inverted cross
A swastika
6. What was the name of the entity that Regan says she communicates with?
Mr. Zero
Captain Howdy
The Old Ball Coach
7. What was the first sign of evil at the university?
The chapel had burned down
A statue of Mary in the chapel had been desecrated
A statue of Jesus in the chapel had been desecrated
The crucifix in the chapel had turned upside down
8. The first physical sign that something was wrong with Regan was when she walked into a party her mother was hosting and:
She vomited
She urinated
She was bleeding from her palms
She started speaking Latin
9. Father Karras is associated a number of times throughout the film with what sport?
10. Ill-fated Burke Dennings had what association with Regan's mother?
He was her ex-husband
He was the director of the film she was working on
He was her psychiatrist
He was her priest
11. Father Karras was haunted throughout the film by the death of which relative?
His mother
His father
His grandfather
His sister
12. At the onset of his investigation, Father Karras doubted that Regan was in fact possessed, because she had a reaction to:
Unleavened bread that had not been consecrated, and therefore was not a Communion wafer
A cross that was not a crucifix
Water that was not holy water
A silver bullet
13. What word or phrase was seen scratched on Regan's abdomen, apparently from inside her body?
Help me
Release me
The darkness comes
14. Father Karras' eventual conviction that Regan was indeed possessed came when a tape of her speaking was analyzed and was revealed to be:
Ancient Aramaic
English, backwards
The lyrics to a Bob Dylan song
15. According to the cop Kinderman, what was unusual about the way that Burke Dennings' body was found?
Eight of his fingers were cut off
His heart had been removed
His head was turned completely around
His mouth had been stuffed with Communion wafers
16. What was the possessing spirit's first request of Father Karras when the two met?
For him to renounce his religion
For him to remove his clerical collar
For him to read a passage from the Bible
For him to loosen Regan's straps
17. During the exorcism, what image appears in Regan's room?
An inverted crucifix
Father Karras' mother
A statue that Father Merrin had seen at the dig
Priests robed in black
18. During the exorcism scene, A) Regan's head spins around B) the ceiling cracks C) Regan levitated off the bed and D) the bed levitates. What is the correct order in which these events occurred?
19. What phrase did the two priest chant repeatedly during the exorcism ritual?
Free the child, Lucifer!
I cast you out, demon!
The power of Christ compels you!
We've got spirit, yes we do; we've got spirit, how 'bout you?
20. Merrin died when he resumed the exorcism by himself. Where was Karras?
Merrin had sent him out of the room
Karras was resting in the hallway
Karras had run from the house
Karras was fetching Merrin's heart medicine
21. A priest knelt over Karras's body at the bottom of the stairs. What did the priest say to Karras?
Is the demon gone?
Was the rite successful?
Do you want to make a confession?
I will finish this
22. What is true of the final scene of the film?
A priest appears to be standing in a window in the house as the car pulls away
Regan's mother says that the child remembers most of what transpired
Regan sees a priest, and gives him a hug and a kiss
Fathers Merrin and Karras are laid to rest
23. The film won an Oscar for sound, and in which other category?
Adapted Screenplay
Original Screenplay
Supporting Actor (Max von Sydow)
24. Having won an Oscar for 1949's All the King's Men, actress Mercedes McCambridge was associated with the film in what way?
She was married to the director
She was executive producer
She was the film's cinematographer
She was the voice of the demon
25. The name of the instrumental tune that plays in the film to creepy effect is:
Tubular Bells
Winter from The Four Seasons
Clair de Lune

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