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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E06: End of the World
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1. "_______ is going to be here to free you free you from your flesh."
2. The cult calls themselves the:
3. Tom and Jean Ralphio started out with $450K when Entertainment 720 started. At the end of the company's run, they each have about this much left:
Oddly enough, $720
4. Tom says that Entertainment 720 is up in Company Heaven, along with this search engine company
Ask Jeeves
Alta Vista (wink)
5. Andy's Bucket List contains each of the following, except:
Make the most amazing grilled cheese ever
Catch the game winning touchdown at the Super Bowl
Winning a sled dog race with a team of wiener dogs
Ride a unicycle
6. Ron likes the Zorpies, because he supports total freedom of religion, and they will buy his:
Picnic baskets
Hand-carved stools
7. Leslie gets waaaaaay flustered when this female Pawneean expresses interest in Ben:
Brandi Maxxxx
Joan Callamezzo
Shauna Malwae-Tweep
Tammy I
8. Ron plays which of the following for the Zorpists?
Symphony for the Righteous Destruction of Humanity in E Minor
Fugue for the Remorseless Souls in B-flat Major
The Dirge for the Scouring of Mankind, Verses 1-4 and 15
Highland Reel for the Cleansing of the Earth
9. It seems to be part of the Zorpist canon that when The Surveyor comes, he's gonna:
Flay you with a chainsaw
Boil you skin with his ultramental powers
Burn your flesh off
Rearrange your appendages
10. Jerry, as this person, is holding a butter knife to Janet Snakehole's throat until Bert Macklin jumps through a sliding glass door:
Serge Dietrichson
Diego LaMancha
Nguyen Van Falk
Mikhail Petrov
11. Trying to prevent further Ben-Shauna contact, Leslie drives Ben to an abandoned gas station that she claims was once owned by:
Mick Jagger
Ben Stein
Janet Reno
Peyton Manning
12. Ron wouldn't mind being reincarnated as a:
Ball-peen hammer
Socket wrench
Meat cleaver
13. Lucy arrives at the End of the World Party because:
Jean Ralphio felt kinda bad about the (whispered) embezzlement
Detlef Schrempf owed Tom one
Jean Ralphio wanted to hit that
Jean Ralphio had her on retainer
14. For their great road trip adventure, April and Andy acquire wheels by:
Stealing her dad's car
Highjacking an ambulance
Boosting a school bus
Distracting a rental car company employee
15. At the Grand Canyon, Andy and April are taken aback by the natural beauty, though Andy is left wondering where all the _________ are:
Hot dog vendors

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