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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: They Saved Lisa's Brain
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Ethnic Mismatch Comedy #644 features which ethnic mismatch?
a Canadian man and a Mexican woman
an Italian man and an English woman
a Swedish man and a Greek woman
a French man and an American woman
Attention Springfield! How low will you go? This Saturday, our judges will select the lowest, most disgusting nitwit in town. Who is the sponsor?
Toaster Pies
Grandma Plopwell’s Pudding
Gorilla’s Choice Bananas
The most disgusting contestant will not win a trip to Maui but to
Hartford, Connecticut
Providence, Rhode Island
Manchester, New Hampshire
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Bart, the Human Garbage Disposal will swallow anything, and I mean anything, you people throw. But please, no more what?
car keys
cigarette lighters
spark plugs
Barney drinks all six cans from a six-pack at once. But what was his real act?
juggling chickens
punching a cow
putting a badger down his pants
drum solo wearing nothing but a tube sock
After writing an outrages letter to the Springfield Shopper, Lisa is invited to attend a secret meeting, provided she brings a dessert. What dessert does she bring?
a pie
a Swiss roll
a cheesecake
Lisa is invited to join Mensa, an organization for people with high IQs and also a constellation visible only from the Southern Hemisphere. Which Springfielder is not a member of Mensa?
Seymour Skinner
Comic Book Guy
Melvin Van Horne
Lindsay Neagle
Only one person in a million would find the above T-shirt funny. What’s the name of that ratio?
the Dennis Miller ratio
the Al Franken ratio
the George Carlin ratio
the Gary Larson ratio
Dr Hibbert is tired of living in a town where the smartest have no power and the stupidest ruin everything. Maybe he should move back to:
South Carolina
Springfield has moved up to #299 on the list of America’s 300 most liveable cities. Which city should take that?
Gary, Indiana
Flint, Michigan
East St. Louis, Kansas
Camden, New Jersey
Professor Frink has invented a really useful invention. What is it?
a sarcasm detector
a monster-o-meter
an intra-bovine ice cream maker
a death ray
In the other storyline, Homer got second prize – a free boudoir photography session. Of the following costumes, which do we not see in his album?
Today, Springfield embarks on a new era of intelligent governance. The new council has all of the following ideas except:
a ban on all barbaric sports, including push-ups
replacing the dog track with a puppet theatre
permission to breed once every seven years
a broccoli juice program
Stephen Hawking arrives to see Springfield’s utopia, only to discover it’s more of a Fruitopia. We see all of the following gadgets on his wheelchair except:
an automatic toothbrush
a hand holding a bunch of flowers
a spring-loaded boxing glove
helicopter blades
Who does Homer think is right?
Christopher Reeve
Franklin Roosevelt
Professor Xavier
Larry Flynt

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