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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror IX
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In the opening couch gag, who is waiting for the arrival of the Simpsons?
Frankenstein and the Mummy
King Kong and Godzilla
Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees
an Alien and a Predator
In “Hell Toupée”, Snake is testing out a new comb at the Kwik-E-Mart. What does he dip the comb in before running it through his hair?
chocolate pudding
the hot dog grease tray
nacho cheez
hot sauce
Snake is arrested and because it’s his third strike, he is sentenced to death – tonight on Fox! Who is the host of World’s Deadliest Executions?
Pat Sajak
Ed McMahon
Carson Daly
Bob Saget
What type of execution only seems to be broadcast during sweeps?
the alligator pit
With his new hair transplant, Homer looks just like _____________, but with his fly open.
Michael Landon
Danny Partridge
Christopher Reeve
Roger Moore
Snake’s hair uses Homer as a vehicle to gain revenge on his enemies. What breakfast cereal is Moe eating when Snake/Homer kills him?
Kolon Kleanser
Suicide Flakes
Viagra Crisp
In “The Terror or Tiny Toon”, Bart and Lisa are trapped in an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, and collapse laughing when:
Itchy responds to Scratchy’s “trick or treat” with a bazooka
Itchy makes Scratchy’s head into a jack o’lantern
Itchy replaces the apples in the apple-bob with lit cherry bombs
Scratchy eats Itchy’s candy, which is stuffed with razor blades, mousetraps and TNT
This Itchy and Scratchy episode features a special guest appearance by:
Road Runner
Yosemite Sam
Yogi Bear
Regis and Kathie Lee are making a big pot of soup. According to Regis, what really gives it a zing?
cayenne pepper
Homer had better find the right button on the remote control to press, before Itchy and Scratchy:
hook up a hose to the fire hydrant labelled “piranhas”
read the instruction manual for the Super Death Laser
divert the railroad so the train heads straight for them
finish programming an atomic bomb
In “Starship Poopers”, Maggie has been acting up. What does Dr. Hibbert prescribe?
fire – and lots of it
garlic – and lots of it
sulphuric acid – and lots of it
nitroglycerin – and lots of it
What religion are Kang and Kodos?
Galactic Baptists
Space Methodists
Quantum Presbyterians
To put Marge at ease, Kang and Kodos recreated the most common spawning locations of her species. What is not one of them?
the back seat of a Camaro
a donut store restroom
a friend’s wedding
the alley behind a porno theatre
When Kang shows up to reveal Maggie’s parentage, there’s only one man who can settle an argument this bizarre: Jerry Springer. What’s today’s topic?
My Daddy’s A Space Monster
I Fertilised A Human Female
Big Time Baby Daddy Drama
My Wife Knocked Boots With A Space Stud
Kang and Kodos threaten to destroy all our leaders in Washington. Who does Bart remind them not to forget?
Rush Limbaugh
Hillary Clinton
Ken Starr
Clarence Thomas

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