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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror VIII
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The Fox censor is looking through the script for Treehouse of Horrow VIII, and thinks we can do without what?
the word “donkey-punch”
the dildo
the defecation
the crackpipe
At the beginning of “Homega Man”, The Simpsons are watching the news where Kent Brockman has just finished explaining how:
an adorable squirrel has doomed us all
a crafty lobster led a break-out from a supermarket freezer
a heroic hippo became a deputy
a love-struck skunk got a date with a cat
When the French neutron bomb strikes Springfield, Comic Book Guy is mocking a comic featuring:
Green Lantern
Captain America
Doctor Strange
Homer is blissfully unaware that Springfield has been devastated by a nuclear attack, until he punches __________ in the head and disintegrates his skull.
Krusty the Clown
Disco Stu
Kirk van Houten
Bumblebee Man
Homer is the last man alive, and can do anything he ever wanted, so he wastes no time in seeing a movie starring:
Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor
Chris Farley and David Spade
Rob Schneider and Jon Lovitz
Jonathon Silverman and Andrew McCarthy
Homer’s naked dancing in church is interrupted by a group of mutants, including all of the following Springfielders except:
Dr Hibbert
Sideshow Mel
Groundskeeper Willie
In “Fly Vs Fly”, Professor Frink is having a garage sale. What is not one of the items for sale?
mood pants
a matter transporter
Floyd the Robot
a poiuyt
How much does Homer pay for the matter transporter?
7 cents
35 cents
69 cents
99 cents
The limitations of the matter transporter are revealed when Homer raches into the fridge for a can of beer, and instead pulls out a can of... what?
anchovy juice
liquid baking soda
cat ear medicine
Mountain Dew
After the matter transporter doesn’t work as planned, Bart’s body is taken over by a fly. What does Lisa regret letting Fly-Bart borrow?
her headphones
her towel
her lunchbox
her toothbrush
In “Easy-Bake Coven”, there is a reference made between which Simpsons character and which literary work?
Seymour Skinner / Ethan Frome
Edna Krabappel / The Scarlet Letter
Apu / The Last of the Mohicans
the Sea Captain / Moby Dick
Goodie Simpson is accused of being a witch, but is entitled to due process. How does the process work?
she is burned at the stake
she is crushed under a rock
she is shoved off the cliff
she is drowned in the pond
After Goodie Simpson is revealed to be a witch, she transforms Chief Wiggum into a what?
The witches regret that they had filled up on children, because eating candy is more fun. What treat does Patty have?
a candied eel
a treacle onion
a caramel cod
a taffy beet
The next year, all the Sprynge-Fielders are celebrating Hallowe’en. What is Homer’s costume?
Gomez Addams, from the Addams Family
The Skipper, from Gilligan’s Island
Mork, from Mork and Mindy
Jeannie, from I Dream of Jeannie

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