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How Well Do You Know: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
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1. In the Baby Herman cartoons, Roger can't seem to get his lines right. His director complains, "we dropped the ____ on your head 23 times already."
Bar bell
2. Eddie was almost scared to death by what famous cartoon character in R.K Maroon's office?
Tweety Bird
Peter Pan
Yosemite Sam
3. Early in the film we find out the Cloverleaf company has bought out what?
The Acme Factory
The street trolley
The taxi cabs
Maroon cartoons
4. A toon killed Eddie's brother Teddy by dropping what on his head?
A safe
A 1 ton weight
A piano
A anvil
5. What is the secret password at the Ink and Paint club?
Walt sent me
Mel invited me
I tawt I saw a puddy cat
6. According to Marvin Acme, ________ is still their biggest seller.
Trick gum
Disappearing ink
The whoopie cushion
The hand buzzer
7. What naughty little game did Eddie catch Jessica playing with Acme?
Patty cake
Truth or dare
8. In what might be one of the most disturbing scenes in cartoon history, evil Judge Doom kills a sweet poor defenseless __________.
Coffee cup
9. Baby Herman is a tough nut to crack. Apparently the only thing that can make him cry is if you:
Take his drink away
Spank him
Take his cigar
Take away his girlie magazine
10. When the weasels come to Eddie's house to arrest Roger, where does Eddie hide Roger?
The kitchen sink
The dresser
The bath tub
The roll top desk
11. Finish this dialogue:

"Do you mean to tell me you could have taken your hand out of that cuff at anytime?"
"No not at anytime only when it was ________."
12. Roger knows all about probate. As a matter of fact, he knows ____ had trouble with his probate and had to take these big pills and drinks lots of water.
Elmer Fudd
13. "Quite a loony selection for a group of drunken reprobates." Judge Doom isn't buying the bar patrons were listening to what record?
Hopping Makes My Feet Happy
The Merry-go-round Broke Down
Silly Symphonies
Merrily We Roll Along
14. Judge Doom has Roger and is ready to dunk him in the dip. Eddie wants Roger to have a drink as a last request, but what does Roger think would be nice?
A snorkel mask
An encore song
A wet suit
Nose plugs
15. The next time you need Benny the Cab, all you have to do is what?
Wave your arm
Just call out his name
Stick out your thumb
Clap your hands
16. Who does Roger praise as the greatest toon of all time, with great timing and finesse?
Mickey Mouse
Bugs Bunny
Wile E. Coyote
17. Jessica claims she hit Roger in the head with a/n ________ so he wouldn't get hurt.
Frying pan
18. How is R.K Maroon killed?
He is shot in the chest
He is choked by his own tie
He is shot in the back
He is pushed out a window
19. Which famous cartoon character is shown as a elevator operator?
Porky Pig
Woody Woodpecker
Chilly Willy
20. Finish Acme's slogan? "If it's Acme, it's _________!!!"
A gasser
A riot
A pleasure
21. Eddie is not surprised Doom's a toon. In fact, that lame brained __________ idea could only be cooked up by a toon.
Toll booth
22. How does Roger wind up on the factory floor with Eddie, Doom and the weasels?
By going through the cellar
By going through the skylight
By going through the chimney
By going through the toilet
23. Marvin Acme was killed for what reason?
He knew the truth about Judge Doom
For his will
Doom wanted his factory
For his money
24. Complete Eddie's song:
"Without that a gun I'd have some fun I'd kick you in the ________."
Weasel: "________ that don't rhyme with walls."
25. In Wile E. Coyote style, Eddie uses a variety of Acme products to defend himself against Judge Doom. What product DOESN'T he use?
Acme Rocket Shoes
Acme Super Strong Magnet
Acme Singing Sword
Acme Glue

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