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How Well Do You Know: Jeepers Creepers
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1. On their fateful trip, Darry and Trish are:
Traveling back from their father's funeral
Very, very lost
Coming home for spring break
Traveling cross country
2. The license plate on the Creeper's truck, which Darry and Trish first mis-read, is:
3. The siblings see a mysterious figure dump what appears to be something wrapped in a bloody sheet:
Into a quarry
Into a cellar door
In a cemetery
Down a large pipe
4. When the Creeper chases the kids for the first time, their car ends up:
In a field
In the woods
In a creek bed
In a gas station
5. As for the brilliant idea to go back and investigate what was dumped down the chute:
It was Trish's idea - Darry doesn't like it
It was Darry's idea - Trish doesn't like it
It was Trish's idea, and Darry willingly agrees
It was Darry's idea, and Trish willingly agrees
6. The chute is at the site on an abandoned:
7. What causes Darry to fall down the chute?
The Creeper drives up and Trish loses hold of his ankles
He freaks out when rats come up the pipe
He reaches for his flashlight which he drops
He is overcome by the stench
8. The boy that grabs Darry's leg has a gruesomely stitched wound:
On his neck
Where his arm used to be
On his abdomen
Where his leg used to be
9. Another body that Darry finds bears this, which eventually leads to a partial identification:
Driver's license
Class ring
Letterman's jacket
Dog tags
10. Seeking refuge in a gas station/diner, Darry and Trish receive a call on a payphone. The mysterious woman on the other end first asks:
Have you seen the lights yet?
Have you seen the cats yet?
Has he got your scent yet?
Have you heard the song?
11. After talking to the police in the diner, Darry and Trish emerge to find their car:
In flames
With its tires slacked
With its roof torn off
12. The police determine that ___________ is on the handle to the siblings' car:
Dead skin
Strange hair
13. Just before the Creeper attacks the police that accompany Darry and Trish, a call comes in:
That the siblings are wanted for murder
That the Creeper just attacked the police station
That dozens of bodies have been found at the church
That the church has burned down
14. Two cops accompany the siblings back to the church. Neither survive, as:
Both are decapitated through the window
One is pulled out the window and the other is decapitated through the roof
One is pulled out the windshield, the other is decapitated through the window
One is decapitated through the windshield, the other is impaled through the roof
15. Which body part does the Creeper acquire from the decapitated police officer?
His nose
His vocal chords
His tongue
His heart
16. Meet the old lady with a lot of cats. Prior to the Creeper's attack:
The power goes out
All the cats fall silent
The woman shoots her gun at the siblings
The wind whips up something fierce
17. The doomed old woman first spots the Creeper:
Eating a few of her cats
Running across her roof
Sniffing at the siblings' car
Posing as a scarecrow
18. When Trish repeatedly runs the Creeper down in the road, his ____________ appears to be severed:
19. Jezelle Gay Hartman meets the kids at the police station, and tells them that the Creeper returns every __________ years and feeds for ___________ days:
20. The primary standoff between the police and the Creeper takes place where in the police station?
In a stairwell
In the holding cells
In the motor pool
In the locker room
21. The first of the Creeper's victims in the police station is:
Chief of police
One of the prisoners
22. In the police station hallway, who is grabbed and sniffed by the Creeper, but spared?
A female police officer
23. Meanwhile, Trish comes virtually face-to-face with the Creeper, separated only by:
An elevator door
A one-way mirror
A jail cell door
Bullet-proof glass
24. After the Creeper has made off with Darry, Trish pleadingly asks Jezelle this question - which she refused to answer earlier:
Are your dreams ever wrong?
Do you know where the Creeper lives?
Is there any way to kill the Creeper?
What does he do with all the bodies?
25. At the end of the film, we learn Darry's gruesome fate as we get a glimpse into the Creeper's lair located in an abandoned:
Meat packing plant
Corn field
Salvage yard

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