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How Well Do You Know: Sleepy Hollow
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1. Tim Burton's movie was based on the short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Who authored that story?
Washington Irving
Edgar Allen Poe
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Stephen King
2. What kind of bird is seen flying occasionally flying through the film's landscape?
3. Christopher Walken plays the Headless Horseman. In what other Walken film is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow also referenced?
Catch Me If You Can
The Dead Zone
Suicide Kings
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
4. The fictional Sleepy Hollow is set in the real life village of Tarrytown. Where is Tarrytown located?
New York
The Netherlands
5. What is the name of the road that leads to the Tree of the Dead?
Lancaster Lane
Death Knoll
Hollow Way
Indian Trail
6. Who is not one of the victims whose murders Ichabod Crane is initially sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate?
Peter Van Garrett
Widow Winship
Dirk Van Garrett
Lady Crane
7. Who loans Gunpowder to Ichabod Crane?
Reverend Steenwyck
Van Ripper
Notary Hardenbrook
The High Constable
8. What's especially curious about the Widow Winship's corpse, discovered on her exhumantion?
She was buried without a head.
She was buried in a grave with another person.
She was pregnant.
All of the above
9. What's not true of the tree of the dead?
It's used to store lopped-off heads.
Instead of sap, it's full of blood.
It's not actually dead.
It's where the Headless Horseman's skeleton is buried.
10. Which animal is not one of the cut-outs on Thomas Killian's lamp?
11. What's discovered under Ichabod's bed?
A protection spell
Katrina Van Tassel
A mouse
An evil eye spell
12. How did Baltus Van Tassel meet his second wife?
She was Katrina's schoolteacher.
She was Katrina's mother's nurse.
She was Widow Winship's mother.
She was the midwife when Katrina was born.
13. What sort of book does Katrina give Ichabod?
A spellbook
A Bible
A book of poetry
A book of drawings
14. What adjective does Katrina twice ponder might be applied to her?
15. What are the odds that the secret conspiracy points to Baltus?
4 to 5
5 to 4
5 to 1
3 to 5
16. Who is first killed right in front of Ichabod's eyes?
Brom Van Brunt
Doctor Lancaster
Beth Killian
Magistrate Philipse
17. Who was Doctor Lancaster sleeping with?
Widow Winship
Katrina Van Tassel
Sarah, the Servant Girl
Lady Van Tassel
18. Brom Van Brunt would be alive if he'd only:
Run faster
Carried a Bible
Worn a talisman
Not attacked the Horseman
19. After Ichabod is stabbed, what does Katrina give him?
A talisman
Her mother's book
A potion of crow's foot
A vial of her own bood
20. Ichabod is ready to leave Sleepy Hollow but turns back. Why?
He hears Katrina calling his name.
He sees the wound on the dead woman's hand.
He sees the Horseman on his way out of town.
He notices a spider in his carriage.
21. What is the second Lady Van Tassel's family surname?
Van Garrett
22. How did Ichabod's mother die?
She was murdered by his father.
Ichabod killed her.
She was killed by the Headless Horseman.
She committed suicide.
23. What do Katrina, her stepmother, and Ichabod's mother have in common?
They've all slept with Baltus Van Tassel.
They're all witches of sorts.
They're all killed by the Headless Horseman.
They've all lived in Sleepy Hollow all their lives.
24. What saves Ichabod's life when the Horseman shoots him?
A spell cast by Katrina
Katrina's mother's book
A potion of crow's foot
The Horseman brings him back to life.
25. What unusual feature does the Horseman's sword have?
It makes pentagram-shaped wounds.
It cauterizes wounds as it causes them.
It's made of silver, not lead.
It only kills those who are not pure of heart.

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