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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E04: Pawnee Rangers
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1. This is the entire Pawnee Ranger Handbook, as written by Ron Swanson.

The complete text, which we've whited out, reads:
Survive and Kill
Challenge Yourself
Be a Man
2. Leslie hands out badges to the Pawnee Goddesses. The badges include each of the following, except for:
Best Pillowfighter
Best Penguin Blog
Fliest Hairstyle
Most Community Service
3. Donna wonders if Ben is bothered because this show may have been canceled:
X Factor
Stargate Universe
Game of Thrones
4. As a reward for coming on the trip, Ron has bought for each of the Rangers gifts of:
Sunshine and sharp knives
Canvas sheet and a box
Fresh air and fresh meat
A rope and a big stick
5. Ann's sense of belonging with the other Goddesses is further diminished when:
Her homemade candle won't light
She sings the Goddess Anthem decidedly off key
She uses granola to make a Cheerio necklace
Her corn husk dolls look more like monsters
6. His entrance announced by a DJ, Tom enters bearing cupcakes iced with the words:
It's All Good
Be The Bomb
In Dul Gence
Treat Yo Self
7. Jerry's surprisingly hot daughter is named:
8. Ben can't get down with the whole relaxation bit. There's something about __________ that makes him nervous.
The sound of harps
Proximity to needles
Cool rushing water
9. At the debate as to whether or not Rangers should be allowed to join the Goddesses, a boy named Darren gave an influential statement when he cited the Goddesses's possession of:
10. Shopping for ridiculous clothes, Tom says that he's a ___________ candy cane.
11. Ann devised her fishing techniques from an episode of:
I Love Lucy
The Three Stooges
Fear Factor
12. The first instruction given to the newly formed Swansons is to:
Give yourself a sensible haircut
Dig a proper trench
Construct a working bear trap
Snare a sizable hare

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