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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 2
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1. "Charlie Gets Crippled": Dennis and Dee see their father Frank, and are upset to find out that he is divorcing their mother. They're even more upset, though, to find out that:
Frank is disowning them for being "selfish losers"
Frank is planning on giving away all of his ("their") money
their mom is having an affair with one of their high school friends
Frank wants them to sell Paddy's so he has money for legal bills
2. "Charlie Gets Crippled": Mac, Dennis and Dee try to get sympathy and attention from shoppers at the local mall by pretending to be:
lost foreigners
mentally retarded
physically handicapped
3. "The Gang Goes Jihad": Charlie and Frank are making "Grilled Charlies" when Frank's wife shows up at the apartment. A Grilled Charlie consists of cheese, bread, and ...what?
chocolate and peanut butter
fried eggs and bacon
ketchup and maple syrup
potato chips and mustard
4. "The Gang Goes Jihad": Frank bribes the gang - he is to be made a part of the gang, or:
he will burn Paddy's to the ground
he will tell the police they set the neighboring building on fire
he will plant drugs and have them arrested
he will inform the police that Paddy's has been serving beer to minors
5. "Dee and Dennis Go On Welfare": Frank sets up a temporary account in _____________'s name in order to keep his money away from his soon-to-be ex-wife.
6. "Dee and Dennis Go On Welfare": Dennis and Dee, who have run out of unemployment benefits shortly after quitting their jobs at Paddy's, decide that it's time to apply for welfare. They figure the best way to be eligible for welfare is to:
smoke some crack
move out of their apartments and live on the street
start prostituting themselves
bribe the clerk at the welfare office
7. "Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom": Dennis decides to blackmail Charlie in order to get his managerial duties back. He puts this plan into motion by:
stealing money from the safe at Paddy's
visiting Charlie's mom
telling police that Charlie is a drug dealer
going on a date with the waitress
8. "Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom": Frank shows up at Mac's apartment, wanting him to "go for a ride". Mac thinks he's been busted for sleeping with Frank's soon-to-be ex-wife. Why does Frank want Mac to go for a ride with him?
he wants to pick up some young chicks at a club and wants a "wingman"
he needs someone to read directions to a local bar, as he can't read and drive at the same time
he needs a chauffeur, as his license has been revoked
he needs help getting a dead body out of the trunk
9. "Hundred Dollar Baby": Frank, training Dee to box, informs the gang he was a fighter back in the day. His nickname was:
Frankie Fast Hands
Fierce Frank
Fat F*ck Frankie
Reynolds the Ripper
10. "Hundred Dollar Baby": Mac allows Dennis to be mugged (again, by the same man who mugged the gang earlier) after Dennis admits to:
paying the mugger to kick Mac's ass the first time, to "teach him a lesson"
being attracted to Mac's mom
betting against Mac in a Fight Club-style competition
sleeping with Mac's girlfriend
11. "The Gang Gives Back": As part of his court-ordered community service, Charlie attends an AA meeting, where he gets an unlikely sponsor - who?
Frank's wife / Dennis and Dee's mom
the waitress
his mom
Mac's dad
12. "The Gang Gives Back": Dennis, Dee and Mac, not quite the best role models, teach the kids they are coaching in the youth basketball league to:
smoke pot
play dirty
play beer pong
13. "The Gang Exploits a Miracle": Which member of the gang admits to formerly wanting to be a priest?
none of the above - it was Dee who wanted to be a nun
14. "The Gang Exploits a Miracle": The Virgin Mary image/water stain disappears when:
Charlie realizes it's a food stain on the wall and wipes it off
Mac peels off the stick-on image
the bar floods and ruins all the walls
a drunken priest urinates on it
15. "The Gang Runs For Office": The gang decides that Dennis should be the one to run for the comptroller position, based on his:
fashion sense
By way of explanation.....
Dennis has "Kennedy hair"
16. "The Gang Runs For Office": Charlie trades something in exchange for a smear video that accuses Dennis of statutory rape as a camp counselor years ago. Unfortunately for Charlie, that was unnecessary, as Dennis drops out of the race anyway. What did he trade?
his Garbage Pail Kids card collection
an autographed baseball
his favorite shirt
his television
17. "Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass": Charlie and Dee go talk to a person preaching on the sidewalk against smoking. Charlie is enraged to find out - after watching the man light up a cigarette - that he is just a street performer, and really doesn't care about the cause. Why is Dee enraged?
the street performer didn't want to date her
the street performer called her ugly
the street performer thought she was a horrible actress
the street performer thinks she's 40 yrs old
18. "Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass": Whose appearance at Paddy's kills the "everything goes" atmosphere that Mac and Dennis have tried so hard to keep going?
former priest "Rickety Cricket"
Dennis and Dee's mother
the McPoyle brothers (the guys Charlie ratted out to the cops for the gym teacher molestation scam in Season 1)
the undercover police officers Dee and Charlie informed of the "everything goes" plan
19. "Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad": Frank responds to the news that Dee and Dennis are not his biological children by:
punching their mother in the face
making a scene and collapsing in a restaurant
informing them that he already knew this news
asking their mother for all of the money back that he spent on them over the years
20. "Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad": Dennis and Dee's biological dad realize they are not warm, charitable and giving after he enlists their help in:
cheering up sick children in a local hospital
building a house for Habitat for Humanity
helping immigrants learn English at the local community center
teaching illiterate adults how to read

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