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How Well Do You Know: Happy Endings, Season 2 (Part 1) Recap
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1. "Blax, Snake, Home": The name of the song Dave wrote for Alex is:
Long Division of My Heart
Circumference of Desire
Love to the Power of Love
Fraction of How Much I Love You
2. "Blax, Snake, Home": Alex feeds these to the snake:
Chewable vitamins
Pencil erasers
The Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop
3. "Baby Steps:" We see Max and Dave's collaboration in the food truck as an homage to this movie:
The Blues Brothers
Top Gun
4. "Baby Steps": Max sells his collection of ____________ to pay his share of the rent buy a limo:
Cabbage Patch Kids
X-Men action figures
Beanie Babies
5. "Yesandwitch": Penny and her mother (Megan Mullally) had a mother/daughter singing duo named:
Two Hartz Beat as One
Hartz to Hartz
Hartz Hearts Hartz
From the Bottom of My Hartz
6. "Yesandwitch": Exploring his ancestry in hopes of giving his food truck some ethnic flair, Dave finds that he is part:
7. "Secrets and Limos": Jane got Brad because she put on her Vision Board a picture of:
One of the guys from In Living Color
Michael Jordan
Han Solo
A money bag
8. "Secrets and Limos": So, Brad's new boss? Yeah, that guy:
Has realllly bad breath
Never zips his fly up
Always has food on his face
Can't seem to keep his shoes tied
9. "Secrets and Limos": Max's Vision Board wishing delivers unto him this item, though he can't really pronounce it:
Bamboo armoire
Hope chest
Wicker bassinet
Wrought-iron spice rack
10. "Spooky Endings": In the days of Alex & Dave, their couples costume was based two very different sides of this actor:
Clint Eastwood
Sean Penn
Hugh Jackman
Andy Dick
11. "Spooky Endings": What is stolen from Breezy Acres?
A hot tub
All the candy except the Smarties
A Denver omelet costume
A door
12. "Lying Around": Which celebrity friend does Brad make during his staycation?
Brent Musburger
Ralph Macchio
Drew Carey
Regis Philbin
13. "Lying Around": Alex and Penny watch the commercial Dave and Max made. Among the problems is each of the following, except that:
The commercial didn't say the name of Dave's truck
The commerical implies the truck is located in Detroit
The commerical didn't say "steak sandwich"
Max and Dave didn't DVR it.
14. "The Code War": "Brad's got a work wife!" 'cause he got his wedding ring stuck in a coworker's:
Stick shift
Desk drawer
AC vent
15. "The Code War": Before and/or in the course of the events in the episode, these two people have realized that Max is an amazing kisser:
Penny and Jane
Alex and Penny
Penny and Brad
Jane and Alex
16. "The Code War": With his perm, thanks to Max, Dave looks like each of the following, except:
A Jonas uncle
A Quaalude dealer
Kerri Russel after she ruined Felicity
A brillo pad
17. "Full Court Dress": Alex has been taking fashion design classes Tim Gunn's step-second cousin Nick Gun. So, she buys a dress for Jane made by:
J. Crew
Vera Wayne
Either Dolce & Gabbana, but clearly not both
James Christopher Penney
18. "Full Court Dress": Penny takes Max's niece and nephew to:
A tour of the sanitation department
A Build a Homeless Bear workshop
An abandoned amusement park
A creepy doll museum
19. "Grinches Be Crazy": "I'm going to call my sisters and tell them that you *are* good people," said Brad and Jane's _________ after they mistakenly gave her all their vacation cash as a tip:
Interior decorator
Mail carrier
20. "Grinches Be Crazy": Coupons Alex distributes for Christmas include each of the following, except for:
Indoor Beach Party
Rescuing from a Mugging
Nibble Your Name into a Cob of Corn
Free Basic Haircut and Bang Trim

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