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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E03: Born and Raised
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1. A radio host interviews Leslie about her book. This master of mixed, jumbled metaphors compares her book to each of the following art forms, except for:
Interpretive dance
2. Leslie end the interview to throwing it to a song by a lesbian Afro-Norwegian funk duo:
Zulu Viking
Cleopatra's Blizzard
Congo Scandinavians
Nephritis's Fjord
3. Who receives a copy of Leslie's book with a hand-written dedication that goes on for 7 pages?
4. Tom distributes Entertainment 720:
Pillow cases
Dental floss
Bud-style earphones
Bikini area razors
5. Joan Callamezzo's book club includes a novel called "The Time Traveler's _________"
Credit Card
Battle Axe
6. Ann's original goal is to get Ron and April to talk to her to _________. She later downgrades this to a more practical (yet, still, most likely unattainable) __________.
15 minutes / 15 seconds
2 minutes / 30 seconds
5 minutes / 1 minute
1 minute / 10 seconds
7. Leslie's appearance on Joan's show is besmirched with the dreaded ____________.
8. When she was 18, Joan was at a mall and this dude told her she should model:
Val Kilmer
Patrick Swayze
Ralph Macchio
Michael Douglas
9. Joan uses this bird as an analogy for her freedom following her divorce:
Blood-thirsty falcon
Turtle dove
10. Ron tells the obviously-trying-too-hard Ann that the one thing he'd bring with him to a desert island is:
Something to kill with
His journal of his personal manifestos
11. To get her long-form birth certificate, Leslie must begrudgingly travel to:
12. Hauling Joan into her house, Tom and Ben are rather shocked to see a painting of her ___________ in her room:
Killing a tiger
Humping Tom
In bondage gear
13. Ann finally wins the attention of April and Ron with a gross story from the hospital in which a guy got his hand caught in:
The mouth of a snakefish
A vacuum cleaner
A garbage disposal
A Pringles can
14. When people get too chummy with Ron, he:
Walks away with silent disapproval
Calls them by the wrong name
Glares them into silence
Belittles them to destroy their self-confidence
15. On her second appearance on Joan's show, Leslie reminisces with one of the crew who was nicknamed ___________ because he always smelled like soiled woodchips:
The Gerbil
Hamster Henry
Moleman Dan
Guinea Pig

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