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How Well Do You Know: The Office: Season 8 Part 1
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1. "The List": Erin sees a list in new CEO Robert California's notebook that shows the office staff listed in 2 columns. The staff spends quite a bit of time trying to figure out what the list means - what does it mean?
an office seating chart, since Robert is still learning names
those Robert feels are cut out for management potential, vs those who are better salespeople
the office's coffee drinkers vs tea drinkers
the people Robert thinks are "winners" vs those he thinks are "losers"
2. "The List": Upset by Robert's group talk regarding the office's "winners" and "losers", Andy confronts Robert and tells him some great qualities of those he considered to be losers. Who does Andy not mention?
By way of explanation.....
Dwight was on the "winners" list so he was not mentioned
3. "The Incentive": Andy interrupts a meeting to ask his staff for help in picking the perfect tie to wear during his meeting with CEO Robert California. He asks the staff member he has nicknamed "CSpan" - short for "Cocker Spaniel" - for help with the tie selection. Which employee is "CSpan"?
By way of explanation.....
Andy: "Spaniel, because of your Spanish bloodline; Cocker, cuz..."
4. "The Incentive": Andy gets the staff to work their very hardest by offering an incentive - if they can earn 5000 points (earned in a system he created), they can pool their points and choose a tattoo for Andy to get on his butt. To Andy's shock, the staff earns enough points within a day, and it's off to the tattoo parlor! What do they choose as Andy's tattoo?
a dog wearing a banner that says "Nard"
his barbershop quartet
a "big tuna"
Erin's initials inside a heart
5. "Lotto": When the warehouse crew quits after winning the lottery, a depressed Darryl takes his sweet time hiring a new crew. Erin and 3 of the male staff offer to take over in the warehouse until a new crew can be hired. Which of the following was NOT one of the male staff to help?
6. "Lotto": Darryl tells Andy - "________________, or fire me."
Convince the warehouse staff to give me a share of the winnings
Make me the manager
Give me a raise
Let me set my own hours
7. "Garden Party": Pam and Angela discover that they are planning on giving their unborn babies the same name - Pam is naming her son after her grandfather, and Angela is naming hers after her favorite cat. What name are they giving their sons?
8. "Garden Party": The office staff decides to throw an impromptu cookout after the garden party ends, after hearing Andy's father talk down to and insult him. How do they hear this?
eavesdropping at the door
a baby monitor
an open window
a walkie talkie
9. "Spooked": Jim is horrified to find out that -
Dwight makes more money than he does
He and Dwight are wearing the same Halloween costume
Pam believes in ghosts
Pam doesn't want their kids to celebrate Halloween
10. "Spooked": After her failed attempt at putting together an "adult" Halloween party, Erin, Andy and Robert California have a talk in Andy's office. Andy tells Erin something that surprises her - what?
he's still attracted to her
he's been dating someone and it's getting serious
he's uncomfortable working with her and has recommended she be transferred to another branch
he regrets breaking up with her
11. "Doomsday": Two Dunder Mifflin coworkers are interested in Val, the new warehouse worker, and compete for her affections. Who are they?
Stanley and Dwight
Darryl and Gabe
Kelly and Andy
Kevin and Robert
12. "Doomsday": Jim goes to visit Robert, staying close to him so he can intercept the Doomsday email in case it is sent. Where is Robert when Jim meets up with him?
playing tennis
playing golf
playing squash
13. "Pam's Replacement": Pam and Dwight, trying to get Jim to admit that Pam's replacement is attractive, enlist the help of which coworker?
14. "Pam's Replacement": What is discovered when Jim takes Dwight's makeshift lie detector test?
he finds Angela attractive
he is making more money than Dwight
his blood pressure is very high
his middle name is "Cynthia"
15. "Gettysburg": After getting separated from the rest of the tour group, Gabe:
cries to a park guide about how much he misses Erin
winds up on the wrong bus home
gets hired as an employee of the Gettysburg park system
gets mistaken for an Abraham Lincoln impersonator
16. "Gettysburg": Robert California asks the staff still in the office for a game-changing idea for the business. Misunderstanding what Kevin was referring to, he especially likes Kevin's idea involving - what?
speed bumps in the parking lot
animal crackers
cookie placement in the vending machine
types of French fries
17. "Mrs. California": Dwight decides to open a ______ within Dunder Mifflin, but he doesn't exactly have the support of his coworkers.
coffee shop
rec center
sandwich shop
18. "Mrs. California": Andy, against Robert California's wishes, hires Robert's wife Susan at Dunder Mifflin after feeling pressured to do so. Realizing he will be in major trouble with his boss for doing so, Andy decides to get rid of Susan by:
transferring her to another office hundreds of miles away
ordering the staff to be mean to her, making her feel unwelcome
tricking Robert into firing her himself
sitting her next to Kelly - I mean, who wouldn't quit after having to listen to Kelly all day?
19. "Christmas Wishes": Dwight and Jim are both warned that if they continue to play pranks on each other, their individual holiday bonus will go to the person they pranked. As a result, they both try to test the other person, hoping the other caves. Which of the following does not happen in the course of the episode?
Jim defaces a picture of his young daughter and claims that Dwight did it
Jim says his credit card number out loud, which Dwight uses to send flowers to Pam (from "Jim")
Dwight shreds all of his contact information and claims that Jim took the contact list in order to steal Dwight's clients
Dwight puts a porcupine in his desk drawer and claims Jim planted it there
20. "Christmas Wishes": A member of the Dunder Mifflin staff (in addition to perennial Christmas party drunk Meredith) partakes in a little too much "Christmas spirit", and winds up causing some major issues with Andy. Who was it?

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