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How Well Do You Know: Modern Family, Season 3 Recap Part 1
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1. "Dude Ranch": Mitchell, afraid to adopt a boy because he thinks he's not "manly" enough to successfully raise a rough n' tumble boy, has his mind changed by...whom?
2. "Dude Ranch": Which of the following does not happen during the family's trip to Jackson Hole, WY?
Alex has her first kiss
Dylan gets hired to work on the ranch
Cameron and Lily get lost in the woods
Dylan proposes to Hailey
3. "When Good Kids Go Bad": After being interrogated by Jay, Manny admits to stealing a classmate's necklace. Jay is insistent that Manny go to the principal and admit what he's done; Gloria decides to "fix" the problem by:
accusing the classmate of lying, despite knowing what happened
secretly putting the necklace back in the girl's locker
flirting with the principal to keep him quiet
telling Manny to throw the necklace in the trash and pretend he has no idea what happened to it
4. "When Good Kids Go Bad": Claire and Phil spend the entirety of the episode arguing over whether Phil caused Claire to fall at the grocery store. While at a family gathering, who or what does Claire show the family in order to prove she was right?
the woman who Jay was talking to when she fell
other shoppers who witnessed the incident at the store
the bruises on Phil's leg
the store's security tape
5. "Phil on Wire": Hailey and Alex make a plan that is mutually beneficial to the other that all depends on - what?
Luke staying away from them
them staying in the same math class
Claire thinking they are allies
Hailey breaking up with her boyfriend
6. "Phil on Wire": Mitchell, famished as a result of his juice diet, has a meltdown at his boss's house after hearing a story about:
a sea lion
his boss's daughter
a house fire
a puppy
7. "Door to Door": Claire enlists the family's help in -
getting Jay to agree to go to a nursing home when he's older
getting a noisy neighbor to move
getting a neighbor's barking dog brought to the pound
getting signatures on a petition
8. "Door to Door": Cameron and Mitchell's food fight of sorts is interrupted by an adoption agent there for a home visit. What were they fighting over?
whether they wanted to adopt a boy or another girl
Cameron making a mess in the kitchen but not cleaning it up
Mitchell wanting to quit his job without another one lined up
Lily's new habit of repeating bad words
9. "Hit and Run": Gloria is upset that Jay and Manny won't take her advice. She finally gets through to another family member, who listens to her - who?
10. "Hit and Run": Claire discovers that Hailey lost $900 of her friends' money, trying to get them fake ID's. Jay, Phil, Cameron and Mitchell track down the guy who took and kept her money, and when the crook tries to sneak out the back door, one of the guys is responsible for chasing and catching him - who?
11. "Go Bullfrogs": During a tour of his alma mater, Phil tries to get Hailey to partake in one of his favorite campus pasttimes - what?
"decorating" a bronze statue in the quad
sliding down a hill on a lunch tray
tipping over the cow mascot at the football game
poetry reading at the coffee shop
12. "Go Bullfrogs": Gloria is concerned because Manny, being secretive, took a bag upstairs and hasn't been seen since. She asks Jay to check on Manny to see what he's up to. What is Manny doing in his bedroom?
hanging upside down from a contraption that's supposed to make him taller
watching porn and, uh, enjoying himself
video chatting with his newest crush
putting together a model airplane for Jay
13. "Treehouse": Cameron and Mitchell bet on whether Cam can get a woman's phone number. What do they use as stakes?
laundry duty
dinner at a local restaurant
opera tickets
cooking lessons
14. "Treehouse": Hailey, attempting to write a college essay on an obstacle she has had to overcome, complains to Claire that her life has been "too easy". Claire then gives her something to write about, by:
freezing her bank account and taking away all of her money
bringing her to a homeless shelter, showing her true disadvantage
smashing her cell phone
ditching her on the side of the road, making her walk home
15. "After the Fire": After Jay slips up during a massage and tells masseuse Phil "I love you", Phil acts oddly and leaves. Jay is convinced it's because he said those 3 little words - what was the real cause of Phil's odd behavior?
he saw Hailey trying to sneak out of the house
he received a text message asking him to start his own business with some partners
he thinks Claire is going to leave him due to something she said earlier
he accidentally sets Jay's clothes on fire with one of the calming candles, and leaves to put the fire out
16. "After the Fire": Manny and Luke accidentally lose a remote-control helicopter, only to find out that the neighborhood nerds have found and claimed it. Who helps the boys get their helicopter back from the nerds?
17. "Punkin Chunkin": Claire reminds Phil of some of his failed business exploits/ideas. Which of the following was not one of Phil's failed ideas?
the aspirin gun (some people have a hard time swallowing!)
the rice pudding franchise (works for all chewing abilities!)
a combination back washer/scratcher (keeps showering as hands-free as possible!)
adult tricycles (just try to fall off!)
18. "Punkin Chunkin": The entire family, split into 2 groups, go to a local football field to attempt the "punkin chunkin" - hoisting a pumpkin through the air and into a car's sunroof via catapult. The groups are:
adults vs. children
realists vs. dreamers
girls vs. boys
Dunphys vs. non-Dunphys
19. "Express Christmas": Hailey is dismayed to find that another store customer picks up the last of an item she was looking to buy, but finds a way to get the item anyway. How does she do it?
she pretends to be a Target employee, offering to hold the customer's item at the register for him
she flirts with him and he gives her the item
she calls in a bomb threat and then sneaks back into the store to get the item
she trips him and has Claire grab the item after it falls out of his hands
By way of explanation.....
She initially attempts to flirt, but after realizing the customer is gay, she resorts to Plan B.
20. "Express Christmas": Phil winds up getting tased (by Manny) while trying to buy Jay's Christmas present from a man he contacted on Craigslist. Unfortunately for Phil, the gift gets ruined after his hands clench after being tased. What did he buy for Jay?
a rare (out of print) currency
an autographed Joe Dimaggio baseball card
concert tickets to a Beatles cover band
a rare antique map

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