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How Well Do You Know: The Evil Dead
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When this movie talks cellar dweller, it doesn't mean the Devil Rays.

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1. What was the real-life location of the cabin where The Evil Dead was filmed?
Burkittsville, MD
Haddonfield, IL
Morristown, TN
Salem, MA
2. Which of the following is not a character in the movie?
3. What do the fishermen do when Scott honks at them?
They flip him off
They moon him
The shake their cleavers at him
They wave
4. What is making the banging noise as the group approaches the cabin for the first time?
A monster in the cellar
A porch swing blowing against the house
A tree branch pounding on the window
The viewer never sees what is making the noise
5. Which object on the wall of the cabin does Cheryl draw a sketch of?
Stuffed deer
Stuffed fish
6. And then what object does she find herself "compelled" to draw an image of?
The Book of the Dead
A chain saw
A ketchup bottle
A record player
7. Linda is wearing a sweatshirt from which university?
Michigan State
Notre Dame
University of Flint
8. Which brave person ventures down into the cellar after the trap door suddenly flies open?
9. A poster from a classic horror movie is in the cellar. What is it?
The Hills Have Eyes
The House on Haunted Hill
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
10. Which of these describes the Book of the Dead?
It can only be destroyed by a virgin
It glows in the dark
It is bound in human flesh and inked in human blood
It was written by HP Lovecraft
11. What gift does Ash give Linda?
A copy of the keys to his apartment
An engagement ring
A necklace that looks like a magnifying glass
Some onyx earrings that he found in the cellar
12. Which one of the group is the first to be attacked/possessed?
13. How is Ash's attempt to take Cheryl back to town thwarted?
A tree falls on their car, destroying it completely
Scott prevents them from leaving
The bridge has been destroyed
The car won't start
14. How does Cheryl's possession first manifest itself?
She eats an uncanny amount of split pea soup
She is able to predict cards without seeing them
She rushes into the cellar and won't come out
She starts talking to the trees
15. How does Cheryl attack her first victim?
She drags them down into the cellar with her
She stabs her with a pencil
She takes a bite out of her neck
She wraps a chain around her neck
16. What really seems to alarm Shelly about Cheryl's condition?
Her appetite for flesh
Her eyes
Her fingernails
Her propensity to quote Hitchcock movies
17. How does Scott prevent Evil Dead Shelly from stabbing him?
He slices into her hand
He puts her head in the fire
He shoots her in the head
He sweet talks her a bit - she was his girlfriend, after all
18. And what does Evil Dead Shelly do in response?
Chews off her own hand
Gives him a kiss - he was her boyfriend, after all
Stabs him anyway
19. What eventually happens to Shelly?
She disappears into the forest, never to be seen again
She is chopped into pieces by Ash
She is chopped into pieces by Scott
She runs and hides in the cellar with Cheryl
20. What gives Ash pause as he is about to shoot Linda?
Cheryl makes fun of his lack of fortitude
He catches a glimpse of the necklace he gave her
She tells him she knows a way off the mountain
She turns back into her normal self
21. Which one of the group is Cheryl related to?
22. Ash has difficulty bringing himself to dismember Linda with a chainsaw. What does he decide to do instead?
Bury her
Leave her outside to hang out with her tree brethren
Put her in the cellar with Cheryl
Throw her off the bridge
23. What is Linda's eventual fate?
Ash beheads her with a shovel
She disappears...until the sequel
She is a zombie with a conscience - she destroys Cheryl
She leads the Deadites
24. How does Ash stop the combined attack of Cheryl and Scott?
He shows them his boomstick
He tells them he loves them
He throws the Book of the Dead on the fire
He waits it out until morning, when they simply fade away
25. How does the movie end?
Ash goes out into the daylight, finds the trail, and everything is hunky dory.
Ash screams as whatever is in the forest tears through the house to get him
We see Ash working at S-Mart with a new girlfriend
With a tourist sign that says "Visit Beautiful Morristown, Tennessee!"

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