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How Well Do You Know: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
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1. Which planet faces a trade blockade?
2. How many ambassadors does Palpatine send to negotiate with the Trade Federation?
3. What is name of the local that Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon meet on Naboo?
Sio Babble
Boss Nass
Jar Jar Binks
4. What is the name of the transport that Boss Nass gives the Jedi?
5. Why is Jar Jar Binks banished from Gungan City?
He is clumsy
He is annoying
He talks funny
He walks weird
6. Where does Nute Gunray order the Queen's entourage to be taken into custody?
Cell Block 1138
Camp 4
Detention Center Bravo
Down in the dungeon, to listen to looped recordings of Jar Jar Binks
7. Who repairs the deflector shield to help the ship escape the blockade?
Jar Jar Binks
8. Why does Captain Panaka say that he doesn't want to take the Queen to Tatooine?
The Hutts will capture the Queen, put her in a skimpy outfit and chain her to Jabba's throne
The Hutts are ruthless slobs
The Hutts are gangsters
Tatooine is a sparsely populated world
9. Why do Jedi mind tricks not work on Toydarians?
They are simple minded
They only think about money
Toydarians don't have a mind
They are too stupid
10. Where is the pod race going to be held?
Mos Eisley
Boonta Eve
Jundland Wastes
11. How does Shmi Skywalker describe Anakin's father?
He was tall and handsome
He was kind and gentle
He was powerful but weak at heart
There wasn't a father
12. What color is rolled to determine the fate of Anakin when Watto rolls the chance cubes?
13. During the podrace, where do the Tusken Raiders set up to ambush the podracers?
Canyon Dune Turn
Begger's Canyon
Desert Plains
Seguna Caves
14. What position does Sebulba finish in the pod race?
Does not finish
15. How long have the Sith been extinct according to Mace Windu?
A decade
A century
A millennium
An eon
16. What is the Prophecy that everyone speaks of?
Neither can live while the other survives
He will bring balance to the Force
He will be cloaked in black with a raspy voice
A savior that will free all slaves
17. What is the motion the Queen gives the senate in regards to Supreme Chancellor Valorum?
Motion of No Confidence
Motion to Dismiss
Motion for Judgement
Motion to Compel
18. These form a symbiotic relationship with all living things. What are they?
Tape worms
19. What is affirmative answer Battle Droids reply when given a command?
"10-4 Good Buddy"
"Over and Out"
"As you wish"
"Roger, Roger"
20. Which of the following is not a way that Jar Jar Binks disposes of Battle Droids?
He trips over a dead Battle Droid and hits the self destruct button for the Droid Transport
He steps on a dead droid causing his blaster to shoot other Battle Droids
He hangs onto a wagon that lets loose bombs that end up rolling down to the enemy
He accidentally drops a bomb on a Battle Droid that ends up disabling the tank
21. Where does Anakin "hide" during the Battle of Naboo?
In trash disposal chute
In the Queen's throne room
In the cockpit of a starfighter
In a hidden compartment on the Queen's ship
22. What color light saber is not used between Darth Maul, Obi-Wan, & Qui-Gon?
23. What is the last thing Qui-Gon says to Obi-Wan?
He is the Chosen One
He will bring balance to the Force
Train him
24. "Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice." -Yoda
"We will find the other and bring balance to the Force." -Obi-Wan
"But which was destroyed, the master or the apprentice?" -Mace Windu
"Only two?" -Jar Jar Binks
"Who will be the new apprentice?" -Anakin Skywalker
25. What is the last line of the movie?
May the Force be with you!
The End!

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