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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E01: I'm Leslie Knope
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1. Ron has just seen Tammy I. After informing Leslie that he's accrued 228 personal days and putting her in charge, he grabs a survival pack he has stashed:
In an air duct
In a maintenance closet
Under Chris's desk
In the meat locker in this office
2. In anticipation of her candidacy announcement, Leslie has prepared a position paper on:
Power through cold fusion
Preservation of the Florida wetlands
A playoff system in Division I college football
Egyptian debt relief
3. Leslie has an action figure, which she made herself, of which prominent female?
Margaret Thatcher
Geraldine Ferraro
Joan of Arc
Hillary Rodham Clinton
4. Leslie tries to cover for the fact that she's been meeting with people about the campaign by stating she'd come from a meeting of the ladies:
Yacht club
Dinner theater review board
Auxiliary bake sale committee
Lingerie football league
5. Tom issues his black-on-black business cards with this warning:
They may or may not cause cervical cancer
They will make you 110% more appealing to the opposite sex
They will destroy your credit cards
They attract yellowjackets
6. Chris describes the testicles as the _______ of the genitals system:
7. Someone sent a photo of his wang to every female in the Pawnee government. That someone turns out to be an employee of the:
Parks department
Sewage department
Public relations department
Mayor's office
8. ...and said dude, we learn, wanted the small college experience so he graduated from:
Sarah Lawrence
Bryn Mawr
Penn State
9. Ann diagnoses Joe has having this affliction:
Lyme disease
A hernia
10. Leslie seeks safe haven at Ron's cabin. Ron has three rules for her staying with him, all of which center around the tenant:
No talking
No doubting yourself
Respect wildlife except for when you want to eat it
No shooting him
11. The Entertainment720 swag that Tom distributes includes each of the following, except:
A Rubiks cube
Portable strobe light
A bra
12. Leslie: "I always carry _________ in my car."
Bear trap balm
Eyebrow regrowing salve
Emergency s'more rations
Truth serum
13. The campaign button which Ben *finally* presents to Leslie reads:
Hope for Knope
Knope Knows
Knope 2012
Vote Knope
14. Ben characterizes Leslie's recent sleeping campaign speeches as:
Hopeful and relentless
Specific and moving
Poignant and bloodthirsty
Promising yet despairing
15. Portrayed chillingly by ________, Tammy I briefly appears, notifying Ron of his audit and vaguely mocking April's breasts:
Tilda Swinton
Patricia Clarkson
Toni Collette
Doris Roberts

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