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How Well Do You Know: Legends of the Fall
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1. What does One Stab cite as the reason why Colonel Ludlow's wife Isabel left her husband's ranch?
Living so primitive was too much for her
She missed her family in the city
The winters were too cruel for her
She fell out of love with the land
2. What state is the movie set in?
North Dakota
South Dakota
3. When Tristan was a boy, he went out looking for a bear and was attacked by it. What part of the bear did Tristan take as a souvenir?
Its ear
Its tooth
Its scalp
Its claw
4. Samuel confides to Tristan that he is worried about doing what with Susannah?
Making her proud
Having sex
Making her happy
Marrying her
5. Colonel Ludlow writes to his wife, "Our three sons are going off to war." He goes on to tell her, "They are going off to seek _____."
6. Susannah and Colonel Ludlow find themselves having dinner with Decker, Pet and Isabel Two. What kind of creature does Isabel Two have with her at the dinner table, which she calls Tristan's lady?
A ferret
A squirrel
A baby fox
A puppy
7. Where are Tristan, Alfred and Samuel stationed at for World War I?
8. Samuel meet his demise not only at the hands of a machine gun but because of:
A fallen tree
Barbed wire
A fox hole
A land mine
9. One Stab mentions that it wasn't Susannah's fault what happened to the family. He even goes so far to compare her to what?
A rock
The sun
10. Alfred is furious when he discovers Tristan has slept with Susannah. He even implies that Tristan was probably glad Samuel is dead. Tristan responds by saying, "You say that again and ____."
I'll kick your ass
You'll be dead to me too
You'll wish you hadn't
We're not brothers anymore
11. Alfred leaves the ranch and moves to the city, where he opens his own business. What kind of business does Alfred own?
Feed and horses broker
Real estate
Cattle and grain broker
Farm equipment
12. One Stab remarks how Tristan could no longer kill a bear because of what reason?
They are now brothers
They have become one
He feels pity for the beast
They have respect for each other
13. Tristan beats and almost kills a man over what?
Not allowing One Stab in his restaurant
Making rude remarks to One Stab
Not allowing One Stab in his store
Not serving One Stab beer
14. Tristan sends Susannah a letter saying, "______, marry another."
I'm dead
You're free
It's over
I'm forever lost
15. What office does Alfred run for and eventually win?
16. What happens to Colonel Ludlow after he reads Tristan's letter?
He becomes catatonic
He has a heart attack
He goes into deep depression
He has a stroke
17. What gift does Tristan send to Susannah, later telling her it's magical?
A necklace
A ring
A bracelet
A barrette
18. Alfred is disgusted at the idea Tristan is going to marry Isabel Two, and remarks that she too young. How old does Susannah say Isabel Two is?
19. Colonel Ludlows suggest to Tristan that they should go into what kind of business?
Gun sales
Selling cattle
Political government like Alfred
20. What would be the best way to describe Susannah's reaction when she sees Tristan's children for the first time?
21. How is Isabel Two killed?
Shot on purpose
In a car accident
Accidentally shot
Accidentally stabbed
22. What does Tristan use to kill the man who he feels is responsible for Isabel Two's death?
A pitch fork
A gun
A blade
A scythe
23. Right before Susannah kills herself, what does she do?
Smashes the mirror
Cuts her hair
Rips her clothes
Cuts her face
24. Why does Tristan believe he has brought such bad karma to his loved ones?
Because he didn't save Samuel
Because he didn't live by God's law
Because he's reckless and dangerous
Because he's cursed
25. One Stab describes Tristan's death as what?

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